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Physicians Urged To Ask Patients About Gun Ownership During Office Health Histories

Big Government:

A pediatric emergency medicine physician is urging doctors to join the effort for gun control by asking about gun ownership while performing health histories on their patients.

A panel titled “The Tipping Point: Activating a Public Health Movement to Address Gun Violence” was featured at the American Public Health Association (APHA)’s 2015 annual meeting in Chicago earlier in November. The panel called for a view of gun violence as a public health emergency situation.

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SNIP:  Do doctors get questioned about their gun ownership, too?

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  1. I would immediately start looking for a new doctor. It would point out that he’s a libtard – and I could not trust my health to someone that stupid/mentally ill.

  2. Jeez, my Docs husband owns one of our AR’s. My typical visit starts with pulling my Les Baer out of the holster, easing the hammer down and laying it on the counter. It ends with pulling the hammer back throwing the safety on and putting it back in the holster. She carries too.

  3. Gee, Doc, let me think about that a second. But before I answer, I would like to know your political affiliation, your entire sexual history, and whether you have ever experimented with drugs.

  4. It’s not for them, its for the government. Remember when the government forced doctors to spend a fortune on these electronic medical records systems, which doctors universally loath BTW. These systems are used in a huge data mining operation. Why do you think all the questions about depression when you’re there for a cold? Or alcohol use when you’re there for a sprained ankle? The government can scan your prescriptions in a split second now too, since doctors are required to use electronic prescriptions.

    Cross reference your gun ownership answers with your prescription for an antidepressant (which might have been prescribed for migraines, or shingles pain) and bingo, the computer had a match and probable cause to SWAT your house

  5. ‘Why do I ask if you have guns and how many? Well, my Malpractice Insurance just lapsed and I can’t afford the premiums anymore.”

  6. Oh fer crying out loud! It’s just a movement by the College of Pediatricians to attempt to control guns and educate parents about the safest ways to store their guns. It’s not like documentation in your kid’s electronic medical record would ever be collected and filed by a federal agency.

    WTH am I saying! AWK!

  7. Worse than doctors, a school administrator in Illinois can report you anonymously as a clear and present danger (at their own discretion) and you will lose your CCL and you have no recourse. They also will not be held criminally, civilly, or professionally liable for making or not making the clear and present danger notification.

  8. “Doctor, can we please cut to the chase? I’m here for surgical removal of an epic wedgie, which I got from an argument with a gun – control proponent.”

  9. My doctor paid for the indoor range I shoot at. We only had an outdoor one.
    He has gun lockers in his office so we can safely store our weapons.
    Yes he carries.

  10. Lie.

    That’s what the media, the FedGov, the StateGov, all the agencies, the Legislature, the SCROTUS, and the Executive do.

    Fuck em. Fuck em ALL.

  11. If you own guns, tell them you don’t. Don’t argue with them about it. don’t say, “non of your business”. Don’t go looking for a new doctor. if this becomes AMA standard practice (and it will), you will not be able to find a doctor who doesn’t do it. Just lie.

    The only safety from over-reaching government records is to fill the records with lies.

  12. I’ll just say, “No, but my cat has sharp teeth and her claws are like razor blades”.

    Hehe. Actually, he has never asked any of those stupid questions.

    I once had a Dr. that asked if I lived in a safe environment. I told her no, that I had several sharp objects in the kitchen, stairs that I might fall down on and electric current that might kill me if I unscrew the lightbulb and stick my finger in the socket. She laughed and we got along fine.

  13. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again and again. . . you (we) know who these (un)”civil servants” are, and can find out where they live. Time to start breaking house and car windows, and popping tires. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  14. This puts a doctor in a terrible situation, too. What if a pro-gun control patient finds out the doctor has guns and one day the doc does something wrong or pisses off the patient? All of a sudden complaints are filed because the patient doesn’t feel safe, etc.
    More frivolous lawsuits.

    BTW, you’d be crazy NOT to have a gun in your clinic if you have drugs there. For example, 3 vials of a certain insulin is worth about $1,000. But what about “fun” drugs? Messy messy.


    Doc asks my mom if she feels safe and comfortable and she tells the doctor,
    “No, I never feel safe and comfortable in a doctor’s office.”


  16. I’m in suburbs- NY and I haven’t been asked but if I am I’ll politely tell them that unless my treatment is dependent on that information, it’s none of their f’in business. Should scare ’em shitless if it happens on a day I am carrying and say, “I’ll show you mine if you can show me yours.”

  17. There is one doctor who visits this site who says she always assumes her patients have guns, hoping one of them can tell her about good deals on ammo.

  18. Oh, wow….another Texan….you fuckers ain’t no different than Kansans, Iowans, Nevadans, etc….but you seem to think so.

    my favorite Joke…you can always tell a texan, but not much

    i worked the prudhoe bay oilfields for 5 years…..not one Texan lasted six months.

  19. It’s an official part of Obumlick care from what I’ve read – but I wouldn’t know, I’m never signing up for the dogshit insurance. Fuck the fascist take over of the free market medical system.

  20. There’s a lot of ohions, missoruians, Virginians, Kentuckians, Alabamans, …..ALL ….fucking Americana….oh, yes many Californians, too….so take your your ‘kindly fuck off’ and stick it in your ass. We are all fighting tyranny…..texans are no more special than my friends in california….and elsewhere

  21. Never have an honest talk with your doctor obama care has turned them into government snitches (now snitches GIVE stiches)
    Socialism (IE obama care) teaches people to lie:

    By running an experiment among Germans collecting their passports
    or ID cards in the citizen centers of Berlin, we find that individuals
    with an East German family background cheat significantly more on
    an abstract task than those with a West German family background.
    The longer individuals were exposed to socialism, the more likely
    they were to cheat on our task. While it was recently argued that
    markets decay morals (Falk and Szech, 2013), we provide evidence that other political and economic regimes such as socialism might have an even more detrimental effect on individuals’ behavior.

  22. 1Willford….. -42 and 40 mph wind….. = -137 wind chill…..stage 4 whiteout…shit was serious…polar bears …but nobody could see

  23. Tell him no, 0bama’s brownshirts already confiscated them all when they found out about them from my last doctor visit. Make the bastard think about what he’s doing.

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