Latest Hillary eMAil Dump Reveals Blumenthal Was Indeed An Adviser Not “A Friend”


At least two emails released in the latest batch of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton‘s private emails appear to contradict her testimony before the House Benghazi Committee that longtime ally Sidney Blumenthal did not advise her on Libya policy.

“He’s a friend of mine,” Clinton said during the eleven-hour testimony. “He sent me information he thought might be of interest. Some of it was, some of it wasn’t, some of it I forwarded to be followed up on. He had no official position in the government. And he was not at all my adviser on Libya.”

But on least two instances in the newest batch of emails, Blumenthal appears to advise Clinton on Libyan policy, and Clinton appears to take proactive steps to follow up on his advice.

In the first email, sent on February 21, 2011, Blumenthal advocates for a Libyan no-fly-zone. “UK former Foreign Secretary David Owen has called for a no-fly zone over Libya, imposed by the United Nations and/or Nato, like the no-fly zone imposed on Saddam’ s Iraq. US might consider advancing tomorrow.”

Clinton forwarded that email to Deputy Chief of Staff Jake Sullivan. “What do you think of this idea?” she asked.

The next day, Clinton responded to Blumenthal saying they would seek the no-fly zone. “We are looking at that for Security Council, which remains reluctant to “interfere” in the internal affairs of a country. Stay tuned!” she said.



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  1. Bernie is a party socialist first and a politician much later. He really shot himself in the foot in excusing Hillary’s latest lies.

  2. Damn, say it isn’t true. Does this mean that her presidential library will be federal prison? Because we know the libs love electing criminals.

  3. She’s a twat. Anybody with half of a brain knows that. Unfortunately, there are too many people who have been brainwashed and think that there is no reality, and The Bitch will take care of them.
    Good luck, you assholes!

  4. Wow. The incompetence. Mind boggling. No wonder this country is going down in flames. And people still support Obama.

    Sigh……shaking head

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