Trump’s apology resonates

There is one part of Trump’s apology that angers me.

Who am I angry at?

The likes of Erick Erickson and every other NeverTrump simpleton.

Listen to this part:

Is Trump suckering me?

I don’t think so. What he says here has actually strengthened my support for this man. Many people go to Washington and are changed, for the worse. Whether they are steamrolled by a savvy career politician, or they are simply seeing the big time for the first time in their lives and are seduced by opportunity, we’ve been disappointed time and time again.

Trump has been in the fast lane his entire life. I believe him when he says that the tour of America has changed him. I think we’re looking at a man, at the age of 70, that is not in this to “grab pussy,” but is truly interested in trying to provide Americans with the opportunity to pursue happiness on an even playing field, without the hammer of our government, or the new world order, keeping us down.

NeverTrump is not open to this possibility. Their heads pop off the pillow every morning thinking,
“how do I get Trump for what he has done to…. to…. how do I get Trump?”

Hillary waiting in the wings means nothing to these bastards.


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  1. Who believes those men now sitting in DC are as pure as they are acting? Bull. They don’t care about our country — TRUMP DOES. We need him.

  2. Can you imagine if any of Bath House Barry’s conversations were recorded in Man Country, or whatever that place is? Now that would be repulsive and sickening. Mr. Trump still has every one of my votes.

  3. All these people withdrawing support in the GOP may want to consider this may not land how they think given Trump isn’t a traditional candidate.

  4. I guarantee you that the Democrats have documented evidence that every one of those RINOS has either had an affair, a boy toy, or is in to S&M.
    Why do you think they cave to the left all the time? Because the left knows they’re all pervs and will use it if they don’t vote the way they demand.
    I learned all of this from a former Democratic operative.

    I don’t care two shit if Trump talked about pussy or bootie or anything else. 11 years ago he was a show man trying to get publicity. Now that he’s traveled the country and met REAL folks(something Hillary has never done), he is understanding how the actions of BOTH political parties have severely damaged average citizens.
    BTW, I traveled the country for more than 10 years with men who made comments that would make Trump’s silly comments look like an evangelical. DEAL with it. Men want pussy. And they talk bullshit among themselves to one-up each other. This whole to-do about Trump’s dirty talk is bullshit.

  5. Well said. We can’t change the past but we can learn from our mistakes and help alter our future. I still believe that he will make this country better. We cannot afford an Obama third term. Hillary would be a disaster.

  6. I walked into Starbucks this morning, typical Saturday morning crowd with it’s share of Trump hats and shirts. I was standing next to a couple that were both wearing Trump shirts so I decided to have some fun. I said to them, you’re not really going to still vote for that guy after that audio that was released yesterday are you? Holy shit, she came unglued. I was cracking up and she finally slowed down long enough for me to tell her I was the biggest Trump fan ever and was teasing them.

    Two things. NOBODY CARES, except the media and the RINO’s. And Trump supporters are getting tired of the crap.

    I hope some of you caught the Clinton surrogate on FOX news this morning with tears running down her face she was so offended. It was hilarious. It’s an all out assault by the media. Confusing though. There’s no way Hillary wins this argument.

  7. Carly Fiorina posted on her FB page she isn’t supporting Trump now-and her 4000+ replies to her statement tell her to ‘eff off along with all the RiNOs she road in on. It looks like culusion between #NeverTrump and Hillary.

    All of the holier than thou statements against Trump…phooey. Wish I could be disenfranchised so I could vote for him at least 5 times.

  8. With all the Kennedys did and all Bill Clinton did the world is all worked up by what Trump said! Bull!
    the media is desperate! Hillary is going to lose then who will they fawn over? Suckers! They’ve lost all creditably.

  9. All of the people withdrawing Trump support, never supported him in the first place.

    I think this whole brouhaha ORIGINATED with the GOP, and that they gave it to Hillary. After all, look who Trump was talking to when this was being recorded.

  10. The NTers and RINO’s believe forgiveness and redemption is reserved for unrepentant rapists, pedophiles and terrorists.

    I don’t know a single person who has not engaged in naughty talk, gutter talk, uttered some racist/sexist/gay/religious slur. That’s life. What is more important is that person’s actions. Bill Clinton can talk the PC talk all day long and he is a despicable molesting, raping old lecher. He is praised and esteemed although he is vile.

    Where is the NTers castigation and rejection of the repulsive Clintons? So pious yet they embrace the foul, the dirty, the evil.

    Seeing the reaction to comments Trump made more than 10 years ago solidifies my support for Trump. Keep it up NTers, RINO’s and lefties as you are the ones driving people to Trump.

  11. Amazing that these shitheads who are so offended live in the same world I do where i would be safe in saying at least 99% of guys have said similar things in similar situations and the other 1% are preachers who just thought about it. Women are just as bad. Cri
    minal actions are, however, acceptable and okey dokey. I’m pissed that Trump even offered an apology. He should call the media on their refusal to acknowledge common human, private behavior and move on si ce this “firestorm” doesnt even warrent time spent. This trumped-up, so called outrage is getting old and the context of the outrage is embarrassingly ridiculous. We have bigger fish to fry… voter fraud. He will probably lose the election for that reason only and I for one am furious about the total lack of concern demonstrated by our elected shitstains and the msm. I may become targeted for this or you may even ban me from this site for speaking of it aloud but I sincerely and honestly hate Obama and Clinton so deeply that I wish an assassin would solve our problems with two bullets….hastily. Yeah, I said it.

  12. We could talk about Trump’s pussy rant. Or we can talk about ISIS victims at the Bataclan in Paris who had their own dicks stuffed into their mouths while dying and the fact that these are the people that mrs rapist and obama are counting on to destroy America.

    Watch Trump focus on this tomorrow

  13. Never apologize.
    Never explain.

    Trump should have just said that that’s how men talk sometimes and if you’re offended by it, you’re a pussy.

    The hypocrisy of the RINO establishment is breathtaking.
    Well … not really … one expects pussies to act like pussies …

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. My fear is when they get Gloria Allred out of mothballs to stand in front of a sea of cameras alongside some sobbing “rape” victim of Trump’s. I guarantee that’s coming and that it’s a lie is immaterial.

  15. “Trumps biggest threat right now is the RINOS”


    His bigest threat will continue to be ‘the rinos’.


  16. Geesh, I am been depressed all day fearing the backlash so I come here for a little help–thank you for helping. I can’t help but think what people would have done if they knew what Churchill said or General Patton–both great leaders. I was an Army nurse (I am a female) for 20 years, believe I have heard it all.

  17. Geesh, I have been depressed all day fearing the backlash so I come here for a little help–thank you for cheering me up. I can’t help but think what people would have done if they knew what Churchill said or General Patton–both great leaders but beyond crass. I was an Army nurse (I am a female) for 20 years, believe me I have heard it all.
    BTW, I just found out my nephew won a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver for one of his creations. His microbrewery is in Dulles VA.

  18. Anyone with an ounce of savvy can see that this last minute mudball is a transparent attempt by the media/left complex and the beltway insider cabal, best represented by Bathhouse Barry and the Clintons,to make any cheap hits to keep an outsider-someone not from their cultural tribe- from the D.C. political levers.
    Unfortunately, the social media addled, dimwit population who put the waste of human tissue known as Obama in the White house TWICE are measurably influenced by this foolishness (Romney’s dog on the roof,”binders of women”,Sarah Palin’s ‘targets’ etc, ad nauseum)
    The media ,overwhelmingly populated by J-school leftists who have no scruples,realize this and will keep working this slime scam until it stops working.

  19. @Corky, I felt the same. I am sick of the manufactured outrage at a man being a man. Then I went for a drive to do some errands. What I saw was a sea of Trump signs and one Hag/Kaine sign. That included the liberal burg I had to drive to for banking.
    Let not your heart be troubled.

  20. I had to drop in knowing these comments would be straight-forward and mja would be hilarious!
    Imo, the media are nothing but a bunch pussified males (?) and butch women. I don’t usually talk like that but this is really getting old.
    Hi Fur. 😉

  21. Speaking of this last-minute mudball, who the hell sits on a recording for 11 years and releases it a month before a national election

    Anyone have the source for it?

  22. He said nothing that hasn’t been said directly or indirectly on nighttime television, on sitcoms and cable for twenty years. I don’t believe it will have that much effect. Sitcom devotees are immune to being devasted by two guys talking about sex. Yeah, what a fucking sucker.

    This opens doors, just as his ’95 taxes did. The hysteria, msm and Clinton [nevertrumpers are now included in my definition of Clinton] generated, allows Trump to raise issues I think they would like left alone.

  23. @Perspective, I swear I heard Dinesh S’Souza call her a hag last night on Hannity. Did any one else hear it?

  24. Naked Lena Fathead Fatass Dumbham sitting on a toilet eating cake is not only acceptable but commendable to all these pearl-clutchers.

  25. “Dinesh S’Souza call her a hag”

    LOL maybe you just heard what you wanted to hear?

    Either way, hag is perfect. Hag/kaine signs for everyone lol

  26. At the “debate” when asked about the “scandal,” Mr. Trump should ask Mrs. Clinton: “What about your triple with Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills? What about your husband’s triple with Jeffrey Epstein and an underage girl on Pedophile Island?” and end up with “What difference, after all this time, does it make?”

    If he doesn’t, then we know he doesn’t give a fuck.

    Way too much ammunition to take this shit sitting down.

    izlamo delenda est …

  27. Well, I can think of one pussy Trump isn’t going to grab. He might want to put it on a sharp stake, however (so do I).


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