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Why I Vote For Democrats


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  1. Obviously this progtard idiot votes for the democraps because he’s been misled to believe that he’s guilty for all the sins of mankind and this is his way of making atonement for his sin of being guilty of everything that is wrong with mankind. Hey idiot, that’s God’s job and having guilt about everything will just make you even more guilty and stupid as well. Guilt is and has become the gospel of progressivism and is all too common nowadays. Let’s hope this jerk doesn’t breed ever. What a moron!

  2. Gimme an F, eff the democraps. I think this election year is going to be a repeat of 1968 with the democraps in total disarray because of their failed polices and the failed presiduncy of Obummer resulting a in a landslide loss because the American people are pissed off beyond belief with the democraps. Hopefully Trump or Cruz or whoever won’t be another Nixon.

  3. Please read this letter. It’s not what you think. I almost didn’t, but so glad I did – it’s perfect!

    I hope the lefties read it thinking it was “safe” to read because they would agree with it. You know, they are not allowed to read, hear or see anything that will upset them!

  4. Sometimes satire is the truth. Progtards would never understand because it might offend them. But who knows, maybe they’re a few renegades among them who might recognize the truth and change their minds. Stranger things have happened. I know because I changed after I realized as I grew older, got married and had 3 kids that most everything I was taught in College 40 years ago was BS.

  5. @ Geoff, I am of the firm opinion algebra is included as a requirement so the math department doesn’t have to try and teach trig. to the Progs.
    They founder through, one and done, now, on to wymens studies.

  6. I never did understand Algebra but I was the only one in my class who knew that space was curved when the subject was brought up and that’s because of all the reading I did. And I first learned that from a blurb in an old Superman comic book where they would post little known or strange facts amongst the Superman stories. Being an avid reader of all kinds of books, sci fi and etc. but a huge history buff and reader of American, world history, biographies etc. (I still am) is what saved me.

  7. This moron doesn’t vote democratic. Democratic is a process that the democrat party ignores or evades at every opportunity. The democrats just have a damn good PR team (the media) that makes LoFo’s like this dunce believe they care about the democratic process.

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