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$1.4 Million Fine For Driving 90mph

Daily Caller: A Georgia driver won a million-dollar ticket in a shocking turn of events. The surprise of a lifetime, unfortunately, was not a lottery jackpot, but being slapped with a traffic ticket worth $1.4 million after being pulled over for speeding, according to WSAV.

Connor Cato, who allegedly drove 90 mph in a 55 mph zone, was surprised to see the fine he was apparently issued for speeding Sept. 2, WSAV reported. While Cato had initially expected a super-speeder ticket, he never thought he’d have to pay a total of $1,480,038.52 for it, per the outlet.

Cato questioned the city about the outrageous amount of the fine. He later got a response from an official stating, “You either pay the amount on the ticket or you come to court on Dec. 21 at 1:30 p.m.” MORE

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  1. This is mid October….and the court date is late December just before Christmas? Oh HELL to the no!
    I think I’d be making an earlier court appointment then that. Plus reading ahead of time about the laws, rules, and regulations regulating that excessive extortion.

  2. I just drove from MD to MS and back last week. The people on the road today are f-ing maniacs – driving like they are playing Mario Kart! Everyone whined when the speed limit was 55 (me included) and many people drove 65+ anyway. Then they bumped the Federal speed limit up to 70 quite a while ago and now everyone is doing 80 plus, not realizing that loss of control at that speed essentially means instant death for the driver and victims. It’s bad enough doing that speed on a wide open highway, but these nuts are doing it while zig-zagging between other cars and tractor trailers in heavy traffic. This has to be stopped. There aren’t enough police to enforce the speed limit laws, so they must inflict as much pain on those who do get caught to make it a deterrence for everyone.

  3. I once received a citation for doing 90 in a 75 to outrun a twister.

    Dipshit trooper stood there soaking in a hail laden Missouri superstorm with lightning bouncing all around to issue it.
    I only rolled my window down enough to let him slide my DL and ticket through.

    I didn’t know if I should curse or admire him, but I still outran that twister after the ticket.

    A Jeff City lawyer got me out of it (and the points) for 45 bucks. Course that was in 1978. Turns out radar back then didn’t work in a heavy rain, he just had to pace me I guess.

    Regardless after all these years I realized he must have been a vet. I understand his don’t give a shit attitude now…


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