10 declassified ‘Russia collusion’ revelations that could rock Washington this fall

John Solomon for TownHall –

Behind the scenes, some major events were set in motion last autumn that could soon change the tenor in Washington, at least as it relates to the debunked Russia collusion narrative that distracted America for nearly three years.

It was in September 2018 that President Trump told my Hill.TV colleague Buck Sexton and me that he would order the release of all classified documents showing what the FBI, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and other U.S. intelligence agencies may have done wrong in the Russia probe.

About the same time, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, under then-Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), voted unanimously to send 53 nonpublic transcripts of witnesses in its Russia review to the director of national intelligence (DNI) for declassification. The transcripts were officially delivered in November.

Now, nearly a year later, neither release has happened.

To put that into perspective, it took just a couple of months in 2004 to declassify the final report on the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks after a presidential commission finished its work, which contained some of the nation’s most secretive intelligence revelations.

But the long wait for transparency may soon end.

The foot-dragging inside the intelligence community (IC) that occurred under now-departed DNI Dan Coats and his deputy, Sue Gordon, could halt abruptly. That’s particularly true if Trump appoints a new IC sheriff, such as former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Pete Hoekstra (R-Mich.), the current ambassador to the Netherlands, or longtime national security expert Fred Fleitz.

Likewise, the president has an opportunity to speed up and organize the release of declassified information by simply creating an Office of Transparency and Accountability inside his own White House, run by a staffer empowered at the level of a formal assistant to the president. That would prevent intelligence agencies from continuing their game of public keep-away.

Nunes, who helped to unravel the Russia collusion farce, has identified five buckets of information he’d like to see released. One of those buckets, the FBI’s interview reports on Bruce Ohr’s cooperation, was released last week — not through a Trump declassification order but, rather, through litigation brought by Judicial Watch, and with heavy redactions.

My reporting, including interviews with four dozen U.S. officials over the last several months, actually identifies a much larger collection of documents — about a dozen all together — that, when declassified, would show more completely how a routine counterintelligence probe was hijacked to turn the most awesome spy powers in America against a presidential nominee in what was essentially a political dirty trick orchestrated by Democrats.

Here are the documents that have the greatest chance of rocking Washington, if declassified:

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  1. ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …. huh? ……….

    oh, ok …. yeah, sure …… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    fool me twice, shame on me

  2. Why in the hell are they not already declassified and released?!?! On a scale of 1-10 on being pissed off, I’m a solid 17.

  3. The only thing that would rock DC is if Lindsey married a woman, fathered 2.5 kids, and denounced McShitstain for the corrupt treasonous villain he was.

    I’m the meantime, I’m long on flying pigs and short sell on hell freezing over.

  4. GENERAL, I’ve seen all that too, and more. But being a small businessman with every frickin bureaucrat with a 10 cent ID badge demanding I jump to attention, my patience is at a record low! I want these BASTARDS to jump to attention and fear for their freedom as they are jumping. Trust the Plan, it’s past time for at least some of the plan to play out!

  5. For me, hope springs eternal.
    There will be a complete, or near complete, shining light on what has happened.

    Government moves slowly at the best of times.
    This past few years has been the worst of times, but…

    I believe that God put Trump in the White House, and
    I believe that God is looking out for America, and all it stands for.

  6. Okay, Okay lets find out what the gambling odds are in Las Vegas for “Lots of Convictions, a Few Convictions, or Zero Convictions” That should end this never ending debate… My money is on Zero!! I think we will need a cut off date like 2055.

  7. I have been holding my breath for 24 months about the release of often promised must see blockbuster revelation after another.

    May i exhale now?

    I an Done with the daily newsboy EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!

    Get back to me when we have actionable information that has action behind it. Arrests of apparatchiks.
    It wont ever happen

  8. Perry: I would stand a better chance of winning lotto than winning a bet about swamp rats even being tried, much less convicted.

  9. I figure we’ll know if things are real when the arrests start and we see some really big bail numbers. Collecting and analyzing evidence takes a great deal of legal review to build a case against anyone.

    I wonder if Barr’s DOJ has hired more staff. Besides Spygate/Russiagate, there’s the all the fraud of Obama’s financial crisis and Hillary’s crimes… I can imagine he could use several thousand more investigators to “do justice to it all.”

  10. @Good General ~ with all due respect, go pound sand. what do you think is going to be the status quo when Trump is no longer in charge?

    I have absolutely NO faith in the US judicial system (or the rest of our government), from the very bottom to the very top. it is corruption defined. recognize that we have become as abysmal as the rest of the world … I hang my head in shame

    we no longer have ‘justice’ in this country, we only have degrees of injustice.

    welcome back to the world of feudalism

  11. TO joe6pak
    “The waaaaaaaaiting is the haaaardest part”,
    as Tom Petty (a Florida kid!) would say.

    Trump is NOT doing it for YOU…or for ME…but for AMERICA.
    And, from what I’ve been reading, I believe this is why this is an 8-year operation, and so timed to ensure momentum for next year’s election (i.e. to guarantee victory).

    The Right’s “all hope is lost” crowd bleatings roll off my back just the same as the Left’s “literally Hitler!” “impeech fo’ fie!” or “REEEEE!!!” crowd.


    REMEMBER: We’re ALREADY/FINALLY seeing a rollout of declassified documents.

  12. GENERAL, maybe my biggest fear is that with a lack of progress (granted we have a year plus) on this, and with the msm campaigning big time for a recession, there maybe enough moron voters out there to make a difference. On top of that, voter fraud is barely getting lip service. Myself, I want to see some offense, sooner rather than later.

  13. Everyone who cares knows the Bush/Obama UNIPARTY was behind this fraud. Most of those also know that like GWB’s Lerner and Comey – nothing real will happen. Liberals like Trey and Lindsey will pretend to do something; but they have been in the UNIPARTY for decades so they lie.

  14. It’s probably part of the grand plan and I’m falling for it, but I don’t even read articles like this anymore.

  15. Czar, stay the course it will all be revealed in due time.
    Good to see you are still here and putting up a good fight, we really will need it in a few more months.
    The only plan I trust is P.Trump and his crew not Q.

  16. I think its gonna hit the fan real, real soon.

    “I just think it has to be carefully looked at because the use of foreign intelligence capabilities and counterintelligence capabilities against an American political campaign, to me, is unprecedented and it’s a serious red line that’s been crossed,” Barr told CBS News in an exclusive interview.

    Barr has previously implied his belief that the FBI may have broken protocol by “spying” on the Trump campaign during the election. But Friday’s interview is the first time the attorney general has outright accused the bureau of violating the law.


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