10 Hours Walking With a MAGA Hat

This is a parody of the woman who walked through Manhattan to show how she is cat-called by men.

A black woman walks through Manhattan with a MAGA hat. Let’s see what happens-

ht/ JS

17 Comments on 10 Hours Walking With a MAGA Hat

  1. Try it in a more gun-friendly state, with a pro wrestler that is openly carrying a .45.

    Funny how sociopaths can read the people they can pick on.

  2. what genius that last asshole was in trying to make his nazi comment relevant. he lost track of the point he was making and just started name calling.

    when it comes to bullying the msm and the liberals have it over the nazi’s.

    a small minority trying to cram their pc bs down our throats by being bullies.

  3. It is good that Manhattan doesn’t dictate how I live in this country. Thanks for the wisdom to have states elect the POTUS.

  4. the last asshole proved he didn’t know his history. The Nazi’s were Socialists, just like his precious Democrat Party. NSDAP (Nazi Party) stood for National Socialist German Workers Party.

    And for the leftist fucktards that called that lady a racist? wtf? I mean, WTF??

    Once again James O’Keefe hits it outta the park.

  5. I’m glad to see the left wing now thinks a black person can be a racist. This is a good example of how arrogant the liberals are.

  6. LOL @ the SJW type mansplaining Nazis to the “ignorant” woman in the MAGA hat. His preferred candidate is a wholly owned subsidiary of unrepentant Nazi, George Soros, as is Buttcrack Obunghole.

  7. These people will have four (AT LEAST!!) agonizing years of Trumpity Trump Trump Trumpington to endure.

    Many will not be able to handle the winning.

    Looking forward to the next installment from PV – truly great Americans.

  8. So, what’s the problem? After all, progressives are the smartest people on the planet. If you don’t believe me, just ask one…


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