Powerline: USA Today rounded up a panel of observers to grade President Trump on his first 100 days in office. It’s a tough crowd. Five of the 10 contributors award Trump a D or lower. Glenn Reynolds stands out in the crowd. Glenn teaches law, presides over InstaPundit and writes a regular column for USA Today. He awards Trump an A+. Grade inflation has nothing to do with it. His case is inarguable:

A+ Not Hillary: President Trump was elected in no small part because he was not Hillary Clinton, and he’s done an A+ job of not being Hillary Clinton during his first 100 days. And as additional news about Hillary’s shambolic presidential campaign has come out — including revelations that she combed through staff emails from her previous campaign and assigned people “loyalty scores” — the importance of having a president who is not Hillary Clinton seems even greater than it did in November. And, I’m happy to say, I expect President Trump to go on not being Hillary Clinton for the next four (or eight!) years. A+ job, Mr. President!

To borrow a phrase: I’m with him. To account for Justice Gorsuch and other matters undoing works and days of the Obama administration, you would even have to raise the grade, but the point stands.

Charles Kesler exploded the whole “Hundred Days” thing in a brief Wall Street Journal column drawn from his editorial in the forthcoming Claremont Review of Books. Although the column is brief, it doesn’t take long to show that the HD concept is “humbug,” as the headline has it.

The HD concept is attributable, of course, to FDR. Now here is something I didn’t know:  read more

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  1. I find the 100 day factoid extremely interesting in reference to FDR so Trump et. al. have been unfairly compared to that criteria. Let’s check back in September.

  2. I rate Trump a B+.
    If Ryan and McConnell and the country club RINOs were supportive, Trump would certainly rate an A+.

    Congress, The GOP and Dems rate a D-.

  3. PRESIDENT Trump gets an A+ for the Gorsuch appointment.
    Remember when A-hole never-Trumpers said Trump was going to appoint his Liberal Judge sister to the Supreme Court?

  4. That’s what I’ll call him from now on, President Not-Hillary.
    For 8 years I called the worst president ever O’Bama, because it’s not racist to insult the Irish.

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