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101 Years Ago, Christmas Truce Halted World War I

Christmas Truce 1914

Breitbart– One hundred and one years ago, the Christmas Truce of 1914 was a spontaneous cease-fire and a day of Christian brotherhood for both sides of the No Man’s Land along the Western Front. The event was kept secret by senior military officers and government censors as an embarrassing breakdown in military discipline.

Military recruiters from both the Triple Entente and the Central Powers promised recruits that they would be “Home for Christmas.” But after five months of war, the Western Front became an entrenched battlefield running almost 600 miles from Belgium to Switzerland.  more


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  1. It’s too bad the Christmas truce couldn’t have lasted longer and ended all the later needless bloodshed and loss of millions of lives in World War 1. Merry Christmas everyone, it’s going to be a very good Christmas today.

  2. The sad truth about the “Christmas Truce” was that the officers on both sides had to nearly threaten violence towards their own troops to get them back into the trenches, killing each other.

    The people who foment and start wars don’t realize that the guys fighting each other have more in common with one another than with the cabal that runs things. Nowadays in the age of guerrilla wars and terror groups, that has changed dramatically, because there is little to admire about these foes. Of course, Mr. Victor Charles was one tough lil’ sumbitch…

  3. I hope we all realize that this only happened in certain sectors of the western front. The killing and mayhem of war continued unabated in all the other sections, as well as on the eastern front.

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