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Signs We Are Now Beating the Establishment

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Bretibart: On the heels of the disastrous and obscene Omnibus Spending Orgy rubber stamped by the Obama Republicans in Congress last week – there is actually hope that we have turned the corner against the Republican Establishment wing of the Washington Cartel.

It reminds me of the old adage about going bankrupt – first it happens slowly and then suddenly. That seems to describe the fall of the GOP establishment. The reality they face today is totally different from the one in 2014 – let alone 2012, 2010 and 2008. And yet, without some of the efforts in those cycles, we might not be rounding these corners now.  more here


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  1. Merry Christmas everyone.

    Will suspend reality for a couple of hours, while expressing good will toward men.

    I’m sure to snap out of it later.

  2. I kinda wouldn’t mind to be literally beating the elitist Washington establishment – with a stick, or maybe a good heavy duty leather belt – Merry Christmas.

  3. Merry Christmas!

    Leave not one stone upon another …

    They cannot be “beaten” they must be destroyed.

    Let the RINO Mensheviks join the Demo Bolsheviks and quit the pretense.

  4. Hard to believe that just one year ago, voters gave them a majority in both Congressional houses, numerous governorships and state houses.
    The Repubs threw it all away — for what? Even grass-roots, local Repubs are feeling the outright distrust from the voters — the corruption is wide and deep.

    Merry Christmas to one and all !

  5. It’s easy to lose sight of accomplishments while we’re still losing, but this piece put things in a good perspective. Just don’t know if we have enough time left.

    Merry Christmas to all our regulars and esp. our newbies!

  6. that is hilarious: Breitbart is the establishment.

    the blog with Breitbart’s name has been taken over by the very group that Breitbart was rallying against.

  7. “The Repubs threw it all away — for what?”

    Riches beyond the imaginings of most mortals.

    They live more lavishly than the Satraps of Persia – and have stolen more. Their great-great-grandkids will never have to work.

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