15 Year-old Shoots Drunk Father Dead For Hitting His Mother – IOTW Report

15 Year-old Shoots Drunk Father Dead For Hitting His Mother

Daily Mail

A Florida teen watching his drunk father beat his mother defended her by shooting the violent man dead.

Forever changed: The life of this 15-year-old boy will never be the same after he shot his father dead early Wednesday morning

Christopher Albano, 35, came home drunk early Wednesday morning and started hitting his wife. The 15-year-old boy rushed to her defense by grabbing a gun and shooting the violent father dead on the spot. There were two other children in the home at the time.

The boy was taken into custody last night but not arrested while police decided whether to file charges, according to multiple reports.

Police arrived at the Avalon home after the beaten woman called 911 to say her husband came home drunk and was beating her just before 2:30am, police told the Orlando Sentinel.

She told police that her son had shot the violent man dead.

The family was at a New Year’s Eve party in the neighborhood before the altercation, neighbors told WESH.

It is not known if Mr Albano had previously hit the woman, but he does have a few run-ins with the law to his name.

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  1. As a 13 year old, a friend of mine threatened to shoot his dad for the same thing; his dad would beat the hell out of her when he was drinking. His mom soon after divorced his dad but those emotional scars remain forever on the child of an abusive parent.

  2. The boy did the right thing. Unless you lived in a home where this has taken place quite often, you don’t know about the scenes that never leave your memory. I’m in my 60’s and I still have those memories and I despise the actions of my parents.

  3. Normal kid; Didn’t believe this could happen.
    Alcohol, history of abuse. Kid loves his mom.

    It’s sad everytime, but it is the same old plot.

  4. Young Mr. Albano, congratulations for resisting society’s attempts to “feminize” you. You acted like a MAN, and that is to your credit.

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