17-Year-Old Illinois Teen Arrested For Kenosha Shootings Last Night


Seventeen-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse was arrested Wednesday and charged with murder in the shooting deaths of two people during the Tuesday night riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin. More

Steven Crowder and company had footage just prior and during the shooting commenting on the likelihood of a self-defense argument for the three individuals being shot by Rittenhouse. At the 24:30 mark (graphic warning) Watch

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  1. The bloody handed governor decided he didn’t want to activate the 750 guardsman with police powers that the cops told him they needed to control the violence. He had the manpower available.
    He tossed in a paltry 250 and we don’t know how authorized.
    He needs to be charged as an accessory.

  2. He might have screwed up by crossing state lines to participate. He can’t say he was defending his home or business. That’s too bad, I’d like to see him get off and issued more bullets.

  3. The cat doing the shooting has put a shitload of rounds down range. When your weapon becomes that familiar to you that it is like an extension of your own body you can pull the trigger and hit when shooting from the hip, with a long gun held diagonally etc. when I was an AA class trap shooter I hit birds that flushed in me face shooting from the hip and coming out at all sort of wild angles. That doesn’t happen unless you are shooting something in the neighborhood of a thousand rounds per week, week in, week out.

  4. “The Guardian reports that Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) is calling state lawmakers to meet in a special session “to move forward with reforms to curb law enforcement misconduct.” WTF???

  5. Goldenfox, I would find him guilty of the lesser charge of littering, then he’s protected by double jeapordy.

  6. It looks to me that he was being chased, hunted down, by people he was trying to escape from who then attacked him with deadly weapons and forced him to either defend his life or die.

    That should be pretty easy present to a jury in court if the murder charges aren’t dropped.

  7. The kid is a fool & will be treated as one in jail. Wasn’t his busines , wasn’t his state & definitely not his fight.

  8. I want him in MY bunker on November 4 – when the Anqueefers go off the deep end at Trump’s second term!

  9. State and local laws vary on self defense rules, but they all typically have one thing in common. You can only claim self defense if you are what is referred to by some states as a “proper person in a proper place” other language varies, but it boils down to for a claim of self defense to be justified you cannot be breaking any laws yourself. For example if you are trespassing, carrying your fire arm illegally or under age then you cannot usually use self defense as a justification. That’s why someone who breaks into a home, starts exchanging fire with the homeowner cannot claim self defense if the homeowner fires at him first. In this case Wisconsin’s open carry law requires the person to be at least 18 years of age. Assuming that he was not “driven from private property into the streets by the crowed” than he was most likely violating state law making self defense problematic. Add to the the potential “provocation” depending on his reason for being there (unless a local property owner “invited” him to stay) and that’s how you rack up big legal bills and lose your eligibility to posses fire arms.

  10. Let’s see more about the first guy, shot in the head. The kid was being chased after that shooting. Seems to me he was way out of the pocket and made a bad shoot there. Really bad.

  11. You have the right to protect your life, no matter what state you are in or why.
    Gov Limpy did not take proper control of the situation.

  12. thirdtwin ~~

    The first guy he shot chased him down, threw what looked to be a Molotov cocktail at him, cornered him finally between some cars and got himself killed. The kid stayed and called 911 then took off when they started chasing him again. That’s where this video picks up. The second chase.

  13. From all of the available video Kyle Rittenhouse only shot in self-defense, he had opportunity to shoot anyone he wanted to but only targeted & shot people who posed a direct threat to his person. The one fact that he had opportunity to shoot anyone he wanted to yet did not means to me that he was not intent on willy-nilly killing. Prosecuting Kyle is a miscarriage of justice.

  14. I don’t know the ins and outs of the law like some do, but from what I see on the vid so far, the kid was defending his life.

  15. I get the laws are different in each state on age carrying guns, however the kid knew how to handle a gun and if damn governments and cops across this country were doing their damn jobs then kids wouldn’t be out there doing it for them. Laws have obviously been suspended, so to hell with all of them, citizens and sadly that includes kids must do the job for them.

    To hell also with the people saying the kid shouldn’t have done it, maybe the damn adults in this country should stand up do what’s right as well and grow a set of balls like this kid. The government and LE are not going to stop this shit it’s up to us. Frankly, I’m about fed up with all these people saying they support the 2A, being one of the first to criticize every damn person who stands up defends life and property with a gun. The couple in SL was criticized, the woman outside a restaurant pulling her gun on the thug woman and family was criticized, I’m pretty sure there were others that I can’t think of right now. People need to stop criticizing and wake up and realize they’re bringing the war to your town whether you want it or not.


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