18 ridiculous bias complaints filed on college campuses

College Fix:

Since the beginning of 2019, The College Fix has investigated reports made to university bias response teams operating on campuses across the country.

So far, The Fix has obtained nearly 300 incident reports at 11 schools through public records act requests. The requests sought all reports filed during the fall 2018 semester at each campus.

The results run the gamut. Reports bemoan everything from hurt feelings and professors’ jokes to off-hand comments and simple misunderstandings.

Here’s a list of some of the most ridiculous, puzzling reports we’ve uncovered so far.

6 Comments on 18 ridiculous bias complaints filed on college campuses

  1. 4 years with the Army in Afghanistan would straighten these libtards RIGHT up.

    OR kill them, and get them out of our hair.

    I’m good with either.


    A room at the university had all kinds of Soviet propaganda posters put up on the walls. He sent an anonymous tip with photos during a pretty heated budget battle, and suddenly, after years, those posters *poof!* disappeared forever.

    I guess some politicians at the capitol used that as part of the negotiating process cuz I guess they were gone lickety-split. Try complaining to the university the normal way, and see how many years it would take to get rid of them?

  3. Before women are allowed to attend college they must do either (1) build a house, or (2) serve three years in the military in combat in Afghanistan or (3) fix a flat tire without any tools!


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