Ted Lieu (D)uh- CA deletes tweet supporting hoaxer

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  1. Democrats spend every waking hour looking for something that offends them. The white female is the worst offenders at going to a barbecue or picnic and using any excuse to segue the conversation toward “social justice.” But all progs do it. They are insufferable bores and particularly so to “people of color” who are attending. It is so transparently condescending that they should know better, but having their nose glued to The View and other bullshit in which that is all they talk about is all they know and think it is acceptable.

    The problem is that their life is so vapid and empty that they have nothing in common with anyone and have nothing to talk about so they emulate that which they are most familiar with getting a positive response.

  2. The Left is planning on framing the next election around hatred, they will be doing anything and everything possible to create it and stir it up to use to their advantage by blaming it on the right and dodging the blame that should rightfully be placed on them.

    Watch, as the election approaches they will be offering nothing of substance to the electorate, just hate filled -and unfounded- vitriolic hatred based on lies and imagination.

    It may work if they can get by with fooling enough people, the Republicans haven’t the slightest idea how to deal with and counter it. We’ll know one way or the other in a little more than a year.

  3. “It may work if they can get by with fooling enough people, the Republicans haven’t the slightest idea how to deal with and counter it.”

    The hell, the eRepublicans are part of the Kabuki theater that this nonsense represents. They are not at all interested in countering it.

    The eRepublicans play their part, the Democrats play their part, and the suckers in the audience eat it up. There is a whole new dynamic though that Trumps this bullshit game that the two of them have been playing on the American people and page after page, line after line of Orange Man Bad is all they have in their script.

    They can’t argue on merit, they are automatons who are useless without a script.

    Both the eRepublicans and Democrats are feeding the media variations on this theme only to be Trumped again and again by the real deal. The real deal Trumps access to the media by just going around them and/or ridiculing them.

    It’s a whole new paradigm and they keep going back to their script because that is all they know. Trump is not scripted, he is the real deal and at this point neither the Democrats or eRepublicans know whether they need to tie their shoes or wind their watch. They can’t function without a script and keep getting Trumped.

  4. I still see the image of that fat needy surly
    snotty nasty welfare queen sheboon buffarillo…
    What have we done to these people? 60 years of
    generational welfare has made them helpless &
    demanding… also violent & dangerous

  5. Lieu is the most useless asshole in the world. This is no hyperbole: he actually is. Aside from the leftist filth coming out of his mouth, try calling his office for help as a local voter. Word is, he’s not even useful for THAT. What a sad state of affairs.


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