2,000 Democratic Staffers Invited to See Planned Parenthood Videos

Less than 10 Democrat staffers showed up out of the some 2,000 Democrat staffers invited, and only three actually watched the videos – just two of which watched all of the 90-plus minutes of video footage.


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  1. That’s because the 1990 folks who didn’t show were low info mofos who got confused about what the purpose of the event was, so they declined to come. Out of the 10 who did show, 7 didn’t stay as they thought they were not low info mofos. But they were exposed when the videos didn’t start first without an old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon, so they left as they did not understand what was happening. The lack of free snacks and drinks didn’t help either.

    So in the end, there were 3 who I will give credit for in watching part / all the videos. So based on the statistical sample involved, we can assume that 0.0015 Democrat staffers have an intelligence above that of low info mofo.

  2. there cannot be a clearer way to shine light on the evil of the left than the pp debacle

    if you are a christian and a democrat, you need therapy

  3. If they were to really examine themselves, they would not be able to handle what they have been a part of/done themselves over the course of their adulthood.

  4. The little Mengele’s didn’t want to watch, because they don’t care. The PP atrocities are just A-Okay with them. I’ve said it before: leftists would cheerfully toss someone like me into an oven. They’re cut from the same cloth as Nazis.

  5. They have no desire to face the consequences of their diseased souls.

    And watching those videos would probably trigger some weird hunger/bloodlust or sexual excitement.


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