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‘ I’m Not Getting Out of Race ‘

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  1. Rick, you weren’t really even in the race…
    Save some face and drop out now.
    if you want to look presidential, look at your very own Texan Cruz.

  2. Anyone catch what Perry said after Trump had his appearance, yesterday?

    I about spit my coffee when the dumbass made the statement, “even a broken clock is right one a day”.

    He can’t even get THAT right?

  3. “I’m Not Getting Out of Race”

    Because the GOPe is paying you to stay in to dilute the not-Jeb vote, you asshole. Take one for the country and screw the GOPe.

    Don’t you care what happens to this country?

  4. Why SHOULD he get out of the race, when the Chamber of Commerce is paying for everything, and he’s getting the talent of Mr. “I killed off the McDaniels campaign with all sorts of racial slurs and got Cochran elected!” Barbour for free?!

  5. He doesn’t have much cash left but his Super PACs formed to get him the non Jeb vote in Texas have millions and you can bet your ass they’ll use it to slime Trump.

    Rick, at one time I thought you gave a shit about this country-I know now I was sadly mistaken.

  6. Perry was the best of the establishment candidates, much better than W, Romney or McCain but he missed his window of opportunity. Should have run in ’08 and been primed in advance for ’12. I think he would have at least criticized O unlike Romney who was too much of a gentleman to attack our sissy prezzy.

  7. I thought Walker was the best of the mainstream candidates, and like all mainstream GOP candidates, he has been shockingly mismanaged by his advisors, who are probably all on the DNC payroll. A wall on the Canadian border… Really?…

  8. Perry’s a splitter, he is “on assignment”(almost certainly a WELL paid one) and can’t leave until his contract assignment is up. I always knew that guy was a skunk, ACE and Allah notwithstanding.

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