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25 Lies of The Democrat “Neoplantation” Strategy

Armstrong Williams does an excellent interview with author Vince Ellison for BookTV. From the 2:20 mark onwards Ellison blow the lid off of the racism, exploitation and destruction of urban black communities all in support of democrat power. Watch

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  1. “Black preachers, black politicians, black community organizers”

    These are getto inhabitants, often making money off the chaos, that are not rich white Republicans. This group of black Democrats have tremendous influence on the others, also mostly black, living in the getto.

    In his new book “25 Lies” Author Vince Ellison calls this group of democrats the “iron triangle.” Ellison contends that this iron triangle has as its number one goal: get 90 percent of the vote for the Democrat party


  2. Fact is that the career race supremacist Joe Biden “leads” (loosely used) the way for race-cleansing around the world, including but not limited to China, Africa, Canada, New Zealand, and Ukraine, UK and other nations who have installed the vile scheme for self-benefit and the installation of their sinister ‘great reset deception’ which btw includes depopulation.

  3. Title of article would lead one to conclude that they’ve only said 25 things.
    The number is much, much higher.

  4. Democrats own the legacy of slavery, racism, Jim Crow, segregation and the KKK.
    They will never change their ways.

  5. Until there are enough black people who love their own futures more than they hate everyone else and each other, they’re going nowhere, because they keep falling for the same old bullshit from the same old bullshit artists generation after generation.


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