$25M Prize to Solve Global Warming by Geoengineering

TheNewAmerican- Richard Branson, chairman of Virgin Group Ltd., has offered a $25-million prize for the best solution for ending so-called global warming using geoengineering (also called climate engineering), which is the deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climatic system.


The goal is to “find true breakthroughs and hopefully create new ways of attacking the climate change problem,” Branson said in an interview.  MORE


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  1. My entry for the $25M is to simply assert there is no such thing as AGW and, voila!, problem solved. Can I have my check now?

  2. In my 47 years, I’ve seen a number of movies, and read a number of books, that involved large scale geoengineering to affect something or other about a planet.

    Not a one of them ended well for the planet and/or its inhabitants…

  3. All of the above. Just stop believing the propaganda lies of a hoax advanced to control people’s lives, and separate us from our wealth. However, much or little that may be.

  4. So I’ve been thinking about this anthropogenic global warming hoax and how much more costly it is going to be for us. But there is one incredibly huge “CO2 is poison” hat in the ring. What can you do when the Pope is insane?

  5. “Virgin Group Ltd.”, huh? Someone should tell the Muzzies that Branson’s trying to corner the market on virgins, and that if they want to get the 72 they have coming, they better strap on their suicide belts and pay him a visit. That’ll give him something to worry about besides global warming.

    ; )

  6. SOLUTION: Kill off ALL the liberal commie douche bags that consume O2 and expel deadly CO2. The CO2 given off by Conservatives is NOT of the deadly variety therefore will be spared. That should also eliminate just about all the ghetto rats on welfare as well.

  7. Also Zonga, Pope Francis is no Saint Patrick. Saint Patrick did not “go along with the program” in pagan Ireland Pope Francis is just going along with the program. He is listing towards communism, and as a Catholic, I am sorry to see that.

  8. Gather up all libstains screeching about the climate. Tie hands together. Tie rope around ankles. Raise 12 feet into the air. Drop. Repeat until each one can no longer say “Global Warming”. Problem solved. Now hand over my 25M, Branson, you witless dipstick.

  9. You can solve global warming and any other bullshit idea designed to control by tyranny that liberals and progressives have invented by just removing the same from the planet.

    Now where’s my 25 million?

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