3 Times Deported Illegal Alien Kills Sportscaster In Oklahoma

Forget gun control. We need illegal alien control.

illegal kills sportscaster in OK

DownTrend: Liberals and immigrant rights activists tell us that illegal aliens defy our laws and thumb their noses at our culture because they want a better life. But what about Americans who simply want life? Americans like sportscaster Bob Berry Jr. who was killed by a three-times deported illegal alien. Was Berry’s life less important than a lawbreaker’s desire to work our system?

News 9 reports that Berry was riding his motorcycle on Saturday in Oklahoma City. Gustavo Castilla Gutierrez was headed down the same street in the opposite direction. Because immigration laws meant nothing to the 26-year old illegal alien, traffic laws were equally unimportant. Gutierrez, who said he was distracted, pulled an illegal U-turn right in front of Barry.  MORE

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  1. “Forget gun control. We need illegal alien control.”

    With NO illegal immigration control, smart people carry. We are surrounded by lawlessness, and to be unarmed defies logic.

  2. Primary role of government:
    Protect its citizens from one another, and organize to prevent outside attack.

    Clearly our government doesn’t have the resources to achieve its primary goal. Maybe because it’s busy dabbling and wasting where it shouldn’t be.

    But hey, today in America you can pay healthcare of someone else to fuck someone else in the arse.

  3. The rat-people aren’t being trucked in by accident. They aren’t being deported because Obola and his henchmen desire chaos and fear and insecurity so that the sheep will demand a more fierce control over their lives. They have already demanded that we sacrifice Liberty for Security in the case of izlamic terror (which we cannot say aloud) and now we’ll hear the bleating of the sheep to sacrifice MORE Liberty for MORE Security until we eventually have neither.

    Why is the obvious so obscure to so many intelligent people?

  4. Did this shit start with the Mariel boatlift?
    Or was it earlier, with the “boat people” from SE Asia?

  5. Start stringing these assholes who murder and rape up on the border so the bloodsuckers still wanting to get in will see that they will no longer get away with it.

    America has already become a second world country and the dirty dems are bound and determined to make it third, let’s help them on this one.

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