30 Second Timelapse: Twenty Four hours of snowfall in Newfoundland, Canada

This is insane!

h/t Moist Kite.

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  1. A little bit of snow can be a lot of fun. That amount of snow looks like a lot of work. Can you imagine an old guy having to shovel his way out? I can picture a guy with a snowmobile delivering groceries to the second story window.

  2. A friend of mine in Timmins Ontario could not shovel the snow off his second story roof because that was how high the drifts were, He sent me pictures of the tunnels from the front door to the road for the school bus really neat looking but alot of work.

  3. I don’t give a Fuck! They voted every one of their districts for Trudeau.

    Not one seat to a conservative si in a couple of days they can eat yellow snow.

  4. I couldn’t imagine not having a Garage to keep Your Vehicles out of

    the Weather….My Sister lives on the Maine/Canada Border…They

    go Home at Lunch to shovel Their Roofs….And here I am bitching

    about some Palm Fronds 😉

  5. I have a kubota tractor with a loader and a rear blade. It’s kind of fun when I have to work at it. 6″ snow? Meh! 1/8th mile drive, it takes longer to warm the tractor up!

  6. There is this peninsula in Northern Wisconsin that juts out into Lake Superior.(Keweenaw). Their average winter snowfall is 187 inches.
    When the path to the side walk reaches 6 feet deep they just lay 4’x 8′ plywood over the snow bank and it creates a tunnel for the remaining 6 feet to cover later. So far this year they have 173 inches.


  7. Claudia/Huron, first time as a young adult when I was camping in Hancock, Mi. (Across river from Houghton) I kept seeing these measuring gauges on telephone poles going up about ten feet if memory serves me right. Had no idea what they were. Asked a waitress in a restaurant and she informed me they were for measuring snow accumulation. I only go up there in the summer! (Edit) just hit Mickeys link and it goes up to over thirty feet. Hey, I drank back then.😀

  8. Greta-farts will melt this in no time!

    hmmmmm … that would be a great animated series (kinda like that insipid ‘Captain Planet’) … Greta Saves The Planet! … watch as Greta blasts through mighty icebergs threating her Happy Valley … be amazes as Greta’s mighty colon-wind drives the turbines to bring life-giving pollution-free wind power to the people of the world! cheer when Greta lets out a mighty sphincter-toot to quell the rise of the oceans!

    I’m copyrighting this shit before Ted Turner gets it … is he still alive?

  9. Great video. So beautiful and scary at the same time. Reminds me of growing up in Central Illinois and watching the front door at home as wind would drift the snow all the way to the top, getting sometimes almost 2 1/2 ft. of snow or more during a storm. Love snow, but to old to shovel that much, anymore.

  10. “One of the paradoxes of Globaloney Warming is that the World freezes.”
    “All the heat collects in the bottom of the Indian Ocean.”
    “Weather has nothing to do with Climate.”
    “Trees have nothing to do with Forests.”

    These Globaloney Warm-ists are certifiable.
    (not just being an ass, here, the video wouldn’t load)

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. In Russian, phonetically, “don’t eat yellow snow” sounds something like:

    N-yeh yesh-te zhol-teh sneg.

    It’s a good phrase to learn to speak because it impresses people.


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