Criminal Genius Forgets The Eye Holes


A bank robber put a pillow case over his head to hide his identity – then had to take it off as he could not see.

Matthew Davies failed to create eye holes in the cover ahead of the armed raid at a bank in Dunfermline, Fife last September.

The 47-year-old, who threatened staff with a meat cleaver, left the branch with nearly £2,000 but was later arrested.

Davies, of Dunfermline, pleaded guilty to a charge of assault and robbery. More

14 Comments on Criminal Genius Forgets The Eye Holes

  1. Dumbass should have used a clear plastic bag as that would also keep his peripheral vision intact. Some people are just stupid.

  2. My favorite is still the Guy, Who at the last minute decided to rob

    His own Bank…Wrote the Note on the back of His Deposit Slip…

  3. If the pillow were black, he could have said it was a hijab and he felt like a muslima.

    “Oh dear me! Sorry to have bothered you, Madam.”

  4. If you want to show your face while robbing a bank or other large corporation, and get away with it.
    You first need to become Rep So-n-so, Sen. So-n-so, Vice President So-n-so. The evidence indicates you can do it without being any smarter than this guy. Just look at some of our elected officials. Or be a competent lawyer. A few unelected government beaurocrats can get away with it, too.

  5. When I get bored, I go to the bank, write ‘THIS IS A STICKUP – GIVE ME THE CASH’ on the back of a deposit slip and tuck it back in with the others and go watch from across the street. Good times.

  6. I recall some construction worker that wore his ‘hard-hat’ while robbing the bank, his name on the front and the company logo on the side.


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