300 Islamic State Jihadists Trap Themselves Through ‘Tactical Mistake’ – IOTW Report

300 Islamic State Jihadists Trap Themselves Through ‘Tactical Mistake’

Breitbart: BAGHDAD — Besieged Islamic State militants in the Iraqi city of Ramadi destroyed a lock on the Euphrates River that served as a bridge as government forces on Thursday sought to cement their gains around the militant-held city west of Baghdad.

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Since Iraq’s military launched its push on Ramadi earlier this month, the militants have destroyed all other bridges leading into the city, both on the Euphrates and its tributary, the Warar River.

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  1. Well let’s sum it up….genius’ prefer to coddle with goats instead of women…..they think that a shower is blasphemous …..and they are willing to blow themselves up in the name of Allah to achieve 72 virgins on the other side when they prefer the company of…(see example 1)….are we really shocked at the tactical mistake?

  2. I hope they are able to capture every last one of them, then turn them over to the families that the Islamic State savages have killed for a little creative retribution of their own.

  3. Obama is huddled with his Security Council as we speak, poring over maps and satellite data, trying desperately to find a safe withdrawal route for his besieged comrades. I hear the high at Andrews AFB today is 72°, but there’ll be no leisure on the links today until this crisis is over.

  4. By design.

    Their commanders want their fighters to die fighting (while THEY escape), so they trap them.

    “Dirka! Dirka! Allah Allah, jihad!”

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