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*** Thankful for all near and far ***

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  1. What about all those who don’t want to go home? Imagine if you lived in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle or Denver, to name a few crazy leftist enclaves, would you want to go home for any reason?

  2. God bless our troops. You are loved by real Americans.

    And, God, please don’t let Obama* anywhere near our troops this Thanksgiving and Christmas time. They don’t deserve to be tortured by seeing him.

    *Ha! Like he would want anything to do with them. But just in case someone thinks it would be a good photo-op; don’t let it happen!

  3. To every Man or Woman brave enough to write the US Government a blank check for up to and including your life, who endured and continue to endure privations, hardship, deployment far from home; I don’t care what your job is, if it’s peeling potatoes, wrenching on equipment, soldering boards, plotting material deliveries, or slogging through the mud…
    I am deeply grateful for your professionalism, your sacrifice, your willingness to place yourself between all of us and all uncountable dangers.
    Way more grateful than words can adequately convey.
    Thank you

  4. God bless those whose safe space, is a fox hole and some kevlar.

  5. God bless our men and women away this year. Give them peace, hope and a longing for home. We want you back here safe and sound.

  6. thanks MJA….this is truly who we should be thanking on Thanksgiving….EVERY Thanksgiving

    God bless those that sacrifice everything for us

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