32 teens escape detention center

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A disturbance has broken out at the same Nashville juvenile detention center where more than 30 teens escaped earlier this week.

About 20 teens — some of whom were involved in Monday night’s massive breakout — were roaming the campus early Thursday, refusing to return to their dorms, Tennessee Department of Children’s Services spokesman Rob Johnson said.

Police have formed a ring around the center’s perimeter fence and none of the teens have escaped the facility, Johnson said.

The incident at Woodland Hills Youth Development Center began late Wednesday night and Johnson said authorities were still trying early Thursday to convince the teens to return to their dorms. Johnson said staff members were still inside the detention center and were safe.


6 Comments on 32 teens escape detention center

  1. Aww. the precious little tykes. Set ’em free. They all luv thur mommas, rap about jesus, and can’t wait to start collidge next week.

  2. They showed pictures of seven of them. Only seven because only two of them were white and they didn’t want to be charged with “racism.”

    An uglier bunch of thugs I’ve never seen. I do not believe in juvenile detention for people over the age of 13. Do adult crime, pay adult time.

  3. Amen, Boobie. If they’re going to jail, it should be JAIL. Mollycoddling these punk ghetto rats isn’t doing one bit of good.

    What they need is a father who is willing to administer a severe ass-whoopin’.

  4. @boobie – the seven that were shown were the ones who were still at large after one day. I thought they were all black and Hispanic.

    That youth detention center is an animal house – the yutes are out of control in that place.

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