Obama’s Little Known Chronic Neck Pain Explained


13 Comments on Obama’s Little Known Chronic Neck Pain Explained

  1. When I said Obama had his head up his ass, I didn’t mean he literally had his head up an donkey. You learn something new everyday.

  2. Here’s to the neck that never heals
    The more you move it the worse it feels
    But there ain’t no soap this side of hell
    that will wash away that flotus smell

  3. It’s a symptom of tunnel vision. He never turns his head to see or hear someone else’s opinion and his cervical vertebrae are beginning to fuse, like an old woman’s hips.

  4. Ah, yes.
    That unfortunate summer back in his youth, when he was persuaded to frolick in a pool with Moose.
    Sadly, that experience pushed him over the edge, and he’s been gay ever since.

  5. Can’t be a real pic, if barry were to try to hold up the actual wt of that fat ass, it would be more than his neck that would be sore, he would be a squished pile of crap , which is not much different than the pile of crap he is …

  6. WOW the POTUS has some great Doctors! They removed an ugly 300 pound fat tumor from his neck and he is only wearing a neck brace?

  7. That pic was obviously photoshopped; if it was real, it would be Reggie on Barry’s shoulders. Oh yeah, and his head would be turned the other way.

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