Another Gun Success Story – Defeating Dirtbags

14 Comments on Another Gun Success Story – Defeating Dirtbags

  1. Good for her. More people should have guns to protect themselves from bad guys who visit in the middle of the night. And of course democrats want to take that safety away from law abiding citizens.

  2. Wait a minute. She has a pit bull and the dog slept through the whole thing?

    Boobie barks her fool head off when a stranger even touches the picket fence. That’s her job.

  3. If I get out of bed armed, discover an intruder inside the house, I will pull the trigger until he is dead.
    He may hold a grudge and come back, I intend to make sure that doesn’t happen.
    Takin’ out the trash is harder.

  4. @OpenTheDoor- … especially if the trash weighs three hundred pounds. But that’s what adrenalin is for.

  5. Openthedoor & Judge Bean the 2 of you have a point.

    Anyone who shoots dead a breaking and trespassing thug should be paid 1/2 of the court fees and 1/2 of the projected prison costs that home owner saved the state.

    When word gets out that the would be victims get paid a hefty sum to only have the police tag and bag the perp they might think twice before breaking into a home.

  6. Open and Boobie: My thoughts exactly.

    I have a huge compost plot out of view in the back yard. It smokes when “stuff” is rotting. I do have a chipper/shredder too. That’ll git ‘er done.

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