Matt Lauer Says He Leads a “Painfully Normal Existence”

Lauer gets helicopter rides, paid by NBC, back and forth from his 15 million dollar horse farm in the Hamptons, where he takes pony-riding lessons and walks his dog on the beach. “It just happens to have a reputation and a name like the Hamptons.”

Painfully normal.

Painfully myopic, out of touch and solidly progressive.

Phillip Phillips performing on NBC''Today'' show


Vote for Obama! He’ll provide you with a painfully normal existence!

30 Comments on Matt Lauer Says He Leads a “Painfully Normal Existence”

  1. Peddling progressive LIES is that lucrative?

    I’ll take some… Oh, wait – I have far too much integrity to be a Dhimmicrat shill.

  2. He has the official Libocrat plastic wristband. Wonder what olive green stands for. It AIN’T support of the military, that’s fer sure.

  3. Conservatives are way too passive when it comes to debating liberals. Their hypocrisies must be used against them in a public format. (Hear that FOX NEWS?) Start advocating for the redistribution of their wealth.

  4. I never knew being a douche was normal, but I’m glad it’s painful for Lauer. Now go back to being irrelevant Matt.

  5. Billy, since you brought up Fox News, I’d like to ask why Megyn Kelly is having all the progressives and democrat strategists on her show. If I want that opinion, I have other choices of channels. I am losing what respect I had for her. Bernard Whitman was on there last night telling her to “wait a minute,” “hold on,” and “let me finish.” I let him finish while I watched something else. Democrats are disgusting!

  6. “People flying planes into buildings is why we don’t need a missile defense system.”

    – Matt Lauer, village idiot.

  7. It’s real easy. When you’re done talking with Lauer just shoot him in the face. End of Lauers’ pain and misery of being a millionaire.

  8. Unfortunately we normal folks on the East End of the Island have to put up with this wet spot on the mattress every summer and be regaled with stories of his attendance at the “oh so tony” parties in the local press.

    Who gives a crap! He should stay on Fire Island where I’m sure he’d be more appreciated.

  9. It’s a good thing Lauer believes that it’s the typical dumbass that watches the Today Show, heating and cooling their homes, that’s responsible for global warming.

  10. “where he takes pony-riding lessons ”

    This is how I would picture him reaping the rewards of his “life’s work”.
    I picture him PONY riding while protected by a lavender girl’s bike helmet, the kind his leader would don.

  11. So why are all the gazillionaire limousine liberals (socialists) trying to pass themselves off as “humans?”

    Wassup widdat?

  12. Yup Boobie, the Olive Green band is for military support. The recruiting booth was giving them to kids at our county fair. They usually say “Until each one is home” But if he were a true patriot, he would combine it with the traditional red, white and blue “support our troops band”. My grade school kids love these free wrist bands……

  13. @ Christy944- “My grade school kids love these free wrist bands…….”

    Exactly. Grade school kids.

  14. What redskin said. FOX gives too much air time to progressives. When I hear two or three assholes speaking–shouting — at once, I just switch to anything. Duck Dynasy, Honey Bo Bo,Pawn Stars, Pickers, anything.

  15. Must admit, if he tried to live his ‘normal existence’ anywhere near mine, I don’t think I could control my need to bust out that lying douchebag’s teeth.
    That goes for any ‘journalist’ or bureaucrat.

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