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Glazed Expressions

h/t Rob.

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  1. I think they switched donuts. Lindsay’s hole is bound to have gotten more action than Hillary’s, regardless of the difference in ages.


  2. “Lindsay’s hole is bound to have gotten more action than Hillary’s”
    By human flesh. That leaves a lot of possibilities open. I guess now we know where she was hiding some of those Stinger Missiles she smuggled to ISIS.

  3. Another election season where I get disgusted by Hollywood stars that I like and the unfortunate sharing of who’ll they vote for.

    I hope Timothy Olyphant doesn’t say boo about anything until sometime in December.

  4. csteventucker,

    It’s not so much that they are dumb, it’s more that they make lots of money playing fantasy parts and they narcissistically believe that the fantasy life is automatically wanted and lived by everyone who’s not them, and that the fantasy IS the reality.

    So yeah, I guess they ARE dumb. Nevermind.

  5. Chloe… I was gonna type my obligatory “I’d tap that” until I checked her age… she’s three years younger than my granddaughter.

    I’m not gonna perv out; rather, I admit I’m an old jerk.

    HilLIARy will admit to NOTHING.

  6. Brad, you really should hang out at that site you have been shilling, red state, when you are hitting the bottle.

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