3rd Crypto Boss Dies in Helicopter Crash – IOTW Report

3rd Crypto Boss Dies in Helicopter Crash

GP: What is going on in the crypto world?  And why are crypto bosses dying?

Last week former Morgan Stanley trader and co-founder of the $3 billion cryptocurrency firm Amber Group, Tiantian “TT” Kullander, 30, died suddenly in his sleep on November 23rd.

29-Year-Old Crypto pioneer Nicolai Mushegian was found dead a few weeks ago from an apparent drowning just days after warning that the “CIA and Mossad pedo elite” were going to kill him. Mushegian posted the warning on Twitter on October 28th. MORE

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  1. It was a great scam while it lasted. Enriched a lot of politicians. But just like doing business with the mob or the cartels, the retirement plan leaves a lot to be desired.

  2. Screaming like a little bitch all the way down!

    Wonderful news.

  3. Did Hillary lose HER money or just lose a donation scheme?

    And how long B-4 SBF hits terminal velocity?


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