Georgia breaks early voting record as Walker, Warnock runoff sees over quarter million turnout in single day – IOTW Report

Georgia breaks early voting record as Walker, Warnock runoff sees over quarter million turnout in single day

FOX: More than a quarter million voters turned out on Monday in the Georgia runoff election, amounting to the largest in-person early voting day in the state’s history as the race continues between Democratic incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker.

“Just…WOW! GA voters, facilitated through the hard work of county election & poll workers, have shattered the old Early Vote turnout, with 300,438 Georgians casting their votes today,” Georgia Deputy Secretary of State Gabriel Sterling tweeted on Monday. “They blew up the old record of 233k votes in a day. Way to go voters & election workers.” 

Sterling added, “We are working on final numbers, but for context, the last day of Early Voting in 2018 was 233,252 and that is the record for Early Voting that will fall today.”  more

14 Comments on Georgia breaks early voting record as Walker, Warnock runoff sees over quarter million turnout in single day

  1. It just dawned on me, why does the GOP even spend any money on elections any more. They have no chance of winning, why not just save the cash?

  2. Conservative are BUSY working.
    Demos are busy voting AGAINST working.

    I hope Walker wins but with all the SCUM focusing in one spot I don’t think this goes to Walker.

  3. Is communism that attractive? Do the libtards like what they see going on in China because that’s where we’re headed rather quickly.

  4. There was a long line outside my local GA-6 early voting location yesterday at 5:00. GA-6 is pretty conservative. Don’t be so sure that comrade Warnock has it locked up based on early voting. Republicans are learning that their majority precincts are being targeted for shenanigans and machine breakdowns on the actual election day, and many are voting early to avoid that.

    Whether it will make a difference I do not know, as Dems have badly corrupted and rigged every part of the voting process. But it appears that Republicans are trying to adapt and survive.

  5. Reloader 83
    NOVEMBER 30, 2022 AT 11:50 AM
    “Is communism that attractive?”

    …it’s GREAT if you’re the BOSS of it, and that’s what all Democrats are planning to be.

    That said, no one locally is calling the shots anyway. You can argue it’s Bildebergs, Soros, WEF, whatever, but whoever’s in charge is doing it GLOBALLY so at the end of the day its not up to local liberals anyhow.

  6. Thirdtwin: early voting isn’t the problem, it’s late voting, as in; voting that happens after election day, after they’ve counted the votes so they know how many to manufacture

  7. And the thread winner is… Wait, what’s this 30,000 more up votes for “Son of funked in the head.”

    nco77 NOVEMBER 30, 2022 AT 12:46 PM

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself…

  8. Kari Lake got fucked.

    Tell me if you’ve heard this one before. Her opponent
    1) wouldn’t debate
    2) appearances drew flies
    3) campaigned from basement
    4) media ignored past racism
    5) favored policies that are killing AZ
    6) and huge numbers of Rs were disenfranchised on election day
    7) and Hobbs was down in the polls, some by double digits

    And you’re talking like Hershel has a shot???

  9. nco77, you’recright, but look at what happened in Arizona with the machine “breakdowns” on election day. How many people didn’t get to cast their vote because of that? And it happened elsewhere in mainly conservative precincts. As you said, the elections are rigged from start to finish and beyond. I don’t like early voting at all, and I sure don’t like being forced to play their game by voting early to guarantee I won’t be shut out by shutdowns on election day, but that’s where we are now. Having said that, I myself will never vote early.The system is broken, but I won’t jump through their crooked hoops.


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