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$40 Billion for Ukraine? Not Hardly

American Thinker:

By Anony Mee

Two weeks ago the Biden Administration proposed a $33 billion support package for Ukraine. After de-linking covid-related funding that had managed to latch itself to the proposal, the cost was reduced to just $40 billion. Let’s see what’s in there.

H.R. 7691, Making emergency supplemental appropriations for assistance for the situation in Ukraine for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2022, and for other purposes,” is very short and disturbingly vague.

Total cost is $40,144,711,500. The title is a bit disingenuous. Less than $3-1/2 billion is to be fully expended this year. $15-1/2 billion is available through 2023, and $14 billion through 2024. $7.1 billion are no-year funds, held until expended. Does Congress expect this mess to continue for another 28-plus months, or maybe forever?

What does this bill tell us? $67 million for the DOJ’s asset forfeiture program makes it looks like these folks have bitten off more than they can chew. Asset forfeiture, which can take up to 10 years to finalize, requires that items in federal custody not deteriorate in value. Managing a super-yacht costs about 10% of the purchase price per year. A yacht valued at $90 million was seized in Spain, at $300 million in Fiji, at $578 million in Trieste, at $735 million in Germany, and so on. Take out, say, 75% for staffing, food, and cruising fuel, and the government is left with a $42.5 million bill for one year’s upkeep on just these four.

$15 million is allocated for military personnel costs, but just $37,500 for Navy, $675,000 for Marines, and $1,590,000 for Air Force. So, our training and other operations are expected to be land-based. Too bad about Russia’s continuing attempt to control the Black Sea coastline and use the Mediterranean as its naval superhighway. more here

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  1. Freaking Robber Barons is what they are. Personally using our money to feed their pet projects and illegal invaders. Damned Tree of Liberty needs watering. It’s past time.

  2. This past Saturday Zelensky signed a new law outlawing opposition parties and seizing their property.
    He essentially established a dictatorship.
    Story is at Gateway Pundit. It includes a lively picture of Zelensky with some swamp creatures, including Susan Collins.

    So I called her this morning and mentioned the nice picture and the new dictatorial law. Also asked why she spent the money for a photo op and why no money for the border.

  3. Gotta pay the BLM/AntiFa rioters. Gotta pay the fraudulent ballot mules. Scum never destroy the democratic process for free ya know. And, of course, The Big Guy always gets his cut.

  4. Only 57 Republicans voted against it. Maybe if the next Ukraine aid package can be delayed until after a new GOP-controlled Congress is seated, we can get 60 or 61.

    Seriously, I’ve got seven Republicans running in my district primary, and I can’t find out where any of them stand on Ukraine. I have to assume this is a bipartiasn no-brainer for them..

  5. @Whitey white white cracker ass May 16, 2022 at 9:49 am

    > I wonder how much it would cost in lead to put a stop to this?

    Less than it would cost to let Vlad take care of it.


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