Radio Silence.

Patriot Retort: After a US drone strike took out Quds chief Qassem Smolderimani, the Democrats running for President wasted no time attacking President Trump and accusing him of bringing the US to the brink of war.

Then, Iran launched a missile attack against bases in Iraq and they attacked President Trump and shrieked more.  When Iran admitted they shot down a commercial plane by mistake, these Democrats revved their engines again to blame Iran’s actions on President Trump.

And on Saturday when the Iranian people took the streets by the thousands to protest their tyrannical regime, how did most of these Democrat candidates respond?

With radio silence.

Nothing.  Not one word.

Yesterday, I went to Tehran Pete Buttigieg’s Twitter feed to see what words of support he had for the Persian people who were rising up against the regime.  And there was nothing but radio silence.

I did the same for Elizabeth Warren who, just last week, was very free with her words – accusing President Trump of taking out Smolderimani as a way to distract from impeachment.  The same Elizabeth Warren who on Friday was tweeting about #NoWarWithIran and saying “we must speak out!”

And what words of support did she offer? MORE

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  1. The ‘democrat’ party is an uber-currupt, completely fascist, treasonous organization.

    If the navy ever names a ship after obama, expect it to turn its guns on Americans.

  2. what do you want them to say ?

    they already blamed trump for everything

    when enough protestors get killed then they will blame trump for that too

  3. Silence because they definitely do not want to encourage people to protest government tyranny because they have a boatload of it planned for us.

  4. I don’t consider democrats to be my fellow Americans, in fact, they don’t really consider themselves Americans either, so why are we together?


  5. DemocRATs are Misery Merchants. Whether it’s a war, a recession, a fabricated climate crisis or dead bodies (especially children) to stand on and sermonize from, they can’t get anywhere without a “crisis” to capitalize on.
    Remember: Never let a good crisis go to waste.
    Aaaannnnd, if you don’t have one… make one!

  6. RADIOATIONMAN HAM/CB/AM/FM/SSB – Coolest receiver I ever saw was the JPL unit that we tested 25 years ago. We buried a digital signal into the gausian noise fur and that thing picked it right out!

  7. There’s a reason for that.
    Fundamentally, evil attracts evil.
    The Mullah-o-cracy of Iran is similar in both form and function with the nihilistic totalitarian oligarchy the Demonrats want to impose here.
    They dictate; the slaves slave; the economy is in ruins; no hope; no future; no salvation; all wealth concentrated in the “leaders;” “submission” is the order of the day; unarmed populace; coercion by lethal force.

    Stalin and Hitler were allies until June 22, 1941.
    Obola and Rouhani were allied to secure Khamenei’s nuclear bomb.
    The Demonrats are “all in” wherever evil gathers.

    izlamo delenda est …


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