The Truth About the Australian Bushfires

It has nothing to do with climate change.

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  1. If you don’t believe in climate change, then don’t believe in science. If you don’t believe in science, then stop driving a car.

  2. I believe in climate change.
    The climate has always changed.
    The climate WILL always change.
    The sun has much more of an impact on the planet’s climate than man could ever hope to have.

  3. Now Larry, you know you don’t have science on your side, you have government funded scientists who want to keep the grant money coming. Unfortunately your brain is too undeveloped to understand the distinction. Sadly you have lots and lots of like minded simpletons just like you who are easily led.

  4. According to the Martha’s Vineyard Grapevine, here’s whut the fundamentally-transforming, narcissistic, corrupt, sheet-grabbing, pillow-biting, stair-prancing, Gay-obsessed, ankle-grabbing, flexible, Kenyan Kremepuff said last week:
    “The catastrophic fires in Australia are the latest example of the very real and very urgent consequences of climate change”

    Hope yer utility-eating, 16 million dollar, 7,000 Sq foot, seven bedroom, 30 waterfront acre home floats asshole cuz according to yer wild-eyed climate prognosticators it’s gonna get wet in a few years!!

  5. Broken record here,, 1 of the 45 goals
    of communism as entered into the 1963
    congressional record.They used it to kill
    our steel industry and alot of manufacturing.

  6. Australia’s predicament is the stupidity in California multiplied.
    The stubborn refusal of the left to apply common sense solutions to minimize the impact of fires is ideologically driven. Their urge to feel morally superior is more important than actually addressing problems. They believe that they are kinder and care more than others possibly could.
    Meanwhile animals die in the millions, the human count is climbing and the environment that they claim to care so much about is disintegrating.
    All because these people would prefer stay wrapped in their delusional shroud rather than save some lives.
    That’s your world Larry!

  7. Don’t be too harsh with Larry, it’s clear that at some point in his past he suffered a severe and debilitating head injury.

  8. last I knew wombats haven’t managed the skill of fire building

    you might want to look at human arson

    and no it wasn’t the roo’s eother

  9. Larry – I sense you are quite upset. Go find your buddy Bruce – he’ll give you a great big hug and make the tears go away.

  10. I do not believe the news reports that a billion animals have died in the fires in Australia, unless they are counting insects.

    Mammals need lots of space to hunt and find edibles. Roos are pretty big, and need a lot of territory. As comparisons, there are only about 30,000 polar bears in the entire world. In the entire Northern Rockies, there are only 25,000 grizzly bears.

    The Australian bush fires are in the settled southeast, in the states of Victoria and NSW. I can’t accept that 1 billion animals have died in the fires.


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