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Australia: 1,600-foot tall detached coral reef is discovered


Scientists have discovered a detached coral reef in Australia which is reportedly taller than the Empire State Building. On Sunday, researchers used an underwater robot to explore the detached coral near Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

The 1600-foot-tall reef was first found earlier this month during a mapping project of the ocean. This is reportedly the first detached reef discovered by scientists in more than 120 years. more

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  1. Even the coral is trying to reach out and support Trump.

  2. But I was told the Climate Change was killing the coral reefs. Maybe it’s just detaching them?

  3. Or maybe it’s just a teenage coral reef. Scientists should look for aloof reefs in the area.

  4. Aloof reefs. lolol

    But really, they did all this ‘research’ on ‘climate change’ but somehow missed an entire fucking 1600 foot tall reef? lolol

  5. The EPA better get in there and kill it before this becomes widely known. They can come up with some good lie about how it’s Trump’s fault.

  6. “Reports that Jimmy Buffett was observed in the area are unconfirmed at this time.”

  7. The ocean conceals many undersea un-mapped mountains that rise to within a few hundred feet of the surface.

    Years before I became crew on a submarine it had hit one of them in the Atlantic while traveling from Scotland back to the USA. I recall one crew member who was on the boat when it happened. Several guys were trapped in the torpedo room for several days till they reached port.

    A few weeks ago I came across an online story about another submarine that had collided with an unmapped mountain in the Pacific. The damage was to expensive to be repaired with any confidence. What the ship yard did was completely replace the bow section with a bow section of the pressure haul taken from another submarine. If I recall correctly it was taken from a recently decommissioned boat. Those kinds of stories help you to be enthusiastic about doing flooding drills.

  8. I distinctly remember that my Weekly Reader told me in 1971 that all the coral reefs were dying or dead. I think this must be fake news.

  9. Australia, huh?

    Since they “solved” the paradox problem I guess that Coral can continue to flourish even WITH the Globaloney Warming Scam!

    G’day Mates!

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. I can[t read Australiian, what’s it say?

  11. Am I the only person on the planet that doesn’t know what a “detached” coral reef is? Detached from what?

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