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Crazy Mazie Channels Her Inner Door-Slamming Teenager Self


In the event it wasn’t already painfully obvious to all well before DJT nominated Amy Coney Bennett to the Supreme Court, it became crystal clear during Judge Barrett’s confirmation hearings that Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) is not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.

And yesterday as the Senate was voting to confirm Judge Amy to the court, a visually upset Hirono is seen on camera walking up and down the aisle steps, her arms crossed in front of her in a show of agitation and frustration, worthy of even the most dramatic petulant foot stomping teenage girl.  Hirono then proceeded to walk to the Senate dais in order to cast her “no” vote. But instead of simply saying “no”, with a clenched fist of righteousness Hirono can be heard  in the video saying poutingly “I would like to say hell no” before angrily stomping off the floor.

MRC-TV posted this zoomed-in clip of Hirono’s protest vote, which confirmed she was also wearing the same anti-nazi statement in the form of a Ruth Bader Ginsburg mask she wore throughout prior weeks’ proceedings on ACB’s nomination: watch

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  1. Why did she wear RED if she is so BLUE?

    She needs some more coordination…

    Think ahead shithead.

    If anything she is PINK on the inside and GREEN on the outside…

  2. “Amy Coney Bennett“ lol come on MJA, it’s Amy Boney Carrot.

    And the rapist and seizure boy just fucked us with the mail-in ballot deadline ruling in NC. Boney Carrot sat this one out.

  3. Back in the day the wife and I were on vacation in Maui. I met some locals at the gym and we hit it off. Lot more to this story, but they ended up inviting my wife and I to a Barbecue. Well they had a pig on a spit that looked just like this bitch facially. I’m not kidding.

  4. Again, there is no way in hell I could live in a state surrounded by idiots, because that is the only way she could be elected is if the majority are as ignorant or more ignorant than she is.

    My state has warts and in some areas we have some dumbass lefties, both with R and D after their name and Lord help us we have some of the most ignorant pot smoking Libertarians than you can find anywhere. We even had Joe Exotic, but even as screwed up as he was he wouldn’t have been ignorant enough to vote for that woman.

  5. Sad to say but Hirono is just another example of people thinking they don’t have to be involved in their own gov’t. If God gives us four more years, that has to change.

  6. Crazie Mazie is a serious contender to Crazy Maxine for lowest female IQ in the legislative branch of fed gov. There must be some rule that both of them can’t be in the same house. One in the Senate one in Congress.


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