4th Case of Corona Virus Confirmed


A fourth case of the deadly coronavirus that originated in central China was confirmed in the United States, health officials announced Sunday.

This most recent case was reported from Los Angeles County.

The country’s third case was also confirmed Sunday in neighboring Orange County, California, the OC Health Care Agency’s Communicable Disease Control Division announced in a press release Sunday.

Both patients were described as returning travelers from Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the disease’s outbreak.

The Orange County patient was described to be in isolation at an undisclosed hospital in “good condition,” and the Los Angeles patient is receiving care but the person’s condition is unknown.

Health officials said there is no immediate threat to the general public.


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  1. on another note, TMZ reported that Kobe Bryant has been died … in a helicopter crash

    TMZ site has since since crashed

  2. Wide open air travel and no quarantine stations.
    In a world that has designer, weaponized plagues
    that can be created by any ass with some training
    it’s a “recipe for disaster”.

  3. “Health officials said there is no immediate threat to the general public.”

    Don’t believe anything any health official tells you. They lie through their teeth while they’re preparing themselves and family to escape. However, there’s no escape unless you have a bunker somewhere which some of them do. People get around the world faster nowadays. During the 1918 Spanish flu, it arrived in the US via boat, but it still killed 50 million people world-wide and over 675,000 in the US. We have more people today, and millions packed into cities with no where to escape to.

    A mentally collapsed doctor from Wuhan crying in her family group of wechat #REALWUHANVIRUS


  4. A friend posted some links on Facebook suggesting that this virus is far less deadly than SARS, and that despite all the fear that one generated there weren’t a crazy epidemic number of deaths. So these are always something to be concerned about, but very likely that a few months from now it will be just a memory.

  5. They guesstimate was that the spanish flu had a lethality of between 10 and 20%. That’s not that high in comparison to some other outbreaks yet look at the results.
    This isn’t to be taken lightly, especially when considering the odds we’re being given all the facts truthfully.
    The government hasn’t exactly been honest with us too often.

  6. Everyone has been living too comfortably, that makes top issues about bathrooms, transgenders, impeachment, pussy hats, etc. Those things will be insignificant with a major outbreak, maybe something we need.

  7. If this gets into the homeless population, it will run through their camps and decimate them. I’ll let you decide if that’s good or bad.


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