50 Years Ago Tonight – Ted Kennedy Drove Off The Chappaquiddick Bridge – IOTW Report

50 Years Ago Tonight – Ted Kennedy Drove Off The Chappaquiddick Bridge


Kennedy was at the wheel of an Oldsmobile Delmont 88 when it went off the Dike bridge and into the Poucha Pond, killing 28-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne. The fatal crash and Kennedy’s actions in the hours after it are likely what killed the Massachusetts senator’s chances of ever being elected president.

The late-night crash happened July 18, 1969, two days before NASA astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin captured headlines and television audiences as they walked on the moon.  More

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  1. An aide went into Rose Kennedy’s bedroom early one morning to tell her the sad news that Jackie had died. “That’s terrible,” the old lady rasped. “Was Teddy driving?”

  2. It’s good to be democrat….and it helps when your voters are from MA. Nuf said

  3. I wonder how much some Kennedy worshiper paid at auction for his neck brace. Next up we have a very few of Mary Jo Kopechne’s broken fingernails we dug out of the auto’s upholstery.

  4. The man, who should have been in jail, but went on to become the “Lion of the Senate” and the one who derailed Robert Bork’s nomination to the Supreme Court. What a POS. If he had lived long enough, I’m sure he’d now be caught up in the Epstein scandal.

  5. I was in the Hyannisport area for a wedding about ten years ago and the locals have absolutely no use whatsoever for any of the entire Kennedy clan. One woman called them white trash’s poster family.

  6. Racer X, Kennedy is also credited with our dysfunctional immigration laws our Border Patrol is burdened with today.

  7. Liberals are such ass-holes, still castigating Nixon while claiming murderer Turd Kennedy was the “Lion of the Senate”.

  8. “50 Years Ago Tonight – Ted Kennedy Drove Off The Chappaquiddick Bridge”

    And the Dems have been trying to drive the country off a cliff ever since.

  9. Bet ol’ Ted Kennedy is wishing he was surrounded by some of that cold water right about now…60,000,000 innocent and defenseless babies executed thanks to him.

  10. Kennedy could not have drowned if he tried. Shit Floats!

  11. It’s truly sad and tragic that the Kopechne Family lost their only daughter in this drunk driving accident. However, it kept Edward “Teddy” Kennedy from ascending to a position he was totally unsuited for at a time when the American voters seemed to think that they owed it to the Kennedys to elect another one as President. That this drunken bum became the “Lion of the Senate” is an indictment on that miserable body and the fools in Massachusetts that ignored his obvious moral lapses.

  12. “… Ted Kennedy Drove Off The Chappaquiddick Bridge”

    sounds like lyrics from a Bobby Gentry song … hmmmm … ‘Old To Mary Jo’

  13. Mary Jo sacrificed her life so Ted could never become President. May she Rest In Peace.

  14. Satan just told old Teddy to stand on his head again!

  15. Wait! I thought Teddy moonwalked out of there after taking a dunk in the water.

  16. He was helped by something happening some 250000 miles in space.
    Lunar landing front page
    Drunk Senator drowns pregnant girlfriend buried in the news cycle


    who lecture us, but remind them:

    Ted drove drunk with his mistress
    His wife was PREGNANT and at home with the other kids
    Ted had a history of show-boating with lights off
    Passed a fire station on the way back to the party
    Tried to get someone else to say they were driving
    Sobered up before calling police
    Wife had miscarriage she attributed to the stress
    Ted charged with driving on suspended license


    47 years in the Senate, and a Presidential run.

  18. Called his Portuguese Water Dog “Splash.”

  19. I know the real events behind the Chappaquiddick Kid. I posted them here a few weeks ago.

  20. Rumor has it that Mary Jo gets a day pass to Hell on this day once a year with a blow torch and a pair of pliers.

  21. That bloated bastard should have died in his 1964 plane crash and spared America a lot of suffering.

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