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It’s a BBB

h/t JD Hasty.

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  1. Un-fucking-believable! A sick, demented, irrational, psychotic pervert kills six people, three of which are children, and the other sick, demented, irrational, psychotic perverts whine about pronouns?

    We are in freefall.
    We have left the slide.
    Arm up.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  2. We’re watching China pull the strings of this administration and the Complicit, Bought and Paid For, Knee-Pad Media here to extract as much chaos and confusion as possible, but who the fuck told Jackass Joe to come out and do a pathetic stand-up comedy routine????

  3. “So many people need to have their asses kicked”

    Asses heal, it’s their demented ideology that must be removed from civilized society.

    I heard Sen. Kennedy ask Garland in a hearing this morning if he would recommend hate crime charges against the shooter if she had lived. Interestingly this aspect has been ignored. This was a Christian school and we all know how woke hates Christians, of course, this school was targeted specifically for that reason.

    Apparently, she left a manifesto, you can bet it will not see the light of day.
    We need to see what’s in it. I know it is a really high bar but the trans community is leaps and bounds above almost every other lunatic fringe when it comes to hate and violent rhetoric.

  4. I only know of 2 “transgendered” people. The man to woman and the woman to man have HUGE anger management issues. I fully expect the man to be dead one day and the woman to be dead by the age of 25, both by suicide.

  5. There isn’t a single fucking individual who is aligned with the progressive/Marxist/Satanist worldview who is not fully aware what they are supporting at this point. Not a single goddamn one of them is even capable of authentic sympathy for the victims who were murdered. Not a Goddamned single word from a single goddamn one of them. Everything they say in that regard is counterfeit and empty, put out strictly for show.

    The masks have been off for some time, the leaders of the movement put an explanation point on that at the Oscars this year, specifically for those too slow on the uptake to comprehend that while good and decent people have been saying that it is time to choose sides, they too have been making it clear they are on the same page.

    Anyone who concedes good intentions to the malicious, maladjusted followers of Satan at this juncture is COMPLICIT in spreading innocent human suffering, misery and death.


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