6 More Weeks of Global Warming? Noooooo!!!

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  1. We’ll have to see what Staten Island Chuck as to say about that.

    BTW, Mayor Asshat will not attend this year’s event. He will be in Iowa. In 2014 he dropped the dadgummed critter, who died a week later.

    This fool can’t do anything right.

  2. Hopefully no more snow. Lost the belt, carb and need to replace the auger on my snowthrower during Jonas. I’d much rather do the work during the off season when I have more cash and parts are less pricey.

  3. It’s raining in LA today and snowing like crazy up in the mountains — yay! We might see the end of this drought yet! Love that first dog pic. The look on that pup’s face LOL!

  4. Hey I had to put the belt on a snowthrower last week! Yep, my 12 yr old kept pelting his sister every time she stepped out the door and finally ended up blasting her i-phone out of her hand and into the 6″ or so of drift that had accumulated on the porch!

  5. Several days this week it’s been in the 40’s at sunrise here in south Florida.

    (Damn Ad Supply. I have to wait one second between typing each character.)

  6. LOL !! 71 here and I’m lovin’ it! It’s great for biz – Just had the best Jan in 21 years of being in biz. Snow and ice shut me down almost completely.

    Seriously – my neighbor’s AC unit is running. I had to go out and see if it was something else, but it’s running!

    First time I’ve seen that for this time of year.

    Not only is my heat off, but the doors and windows are open and the attic fan is on! Feels great! The dogs are comfortable being outside too.

    If burning heating fuel is bad for the atmosphere – then this warmer weather is fantastic for it.

    Growing seasons should benefit too.

    Minnesotans For Global Warming got it right!

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