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“60 Minutes” Spends Its Time Defending Ray Epps

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CBS’ 60 Minutes correspondent Bill Whitaker paints a bleak picture of the conspiracy theories wreaking havoc on supposed former Oath Keeper and “passionate Trump supporter” Ray Epps. According to the interview which aired Sunday night, because of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Revolver News, and the conspiracy theories surrounding Epps’ involvement as an “FBI plant” on January 6, 2021, he and his wife are in hiding, death threats “forced him” to sell their five-acre ranch in Arizona, and they are now living in an RV somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

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  1. Call it dumb luck. Call it sixth sense. I had an Amtrak ticket to DC that day. I was packed and ready to go. I’ve been to many protests in DC. MANY protests. Sometimes a participant. Sometimes an observer.

    But something about j6 wasn’t adding up and I smelled a set up. So I didn’t go. Thank goodness.

    I wouldn’t have gone in the Capitol as I know the area and the protocol.

    Apparently, all you needed was to be in the area to become a political prisoner of the Biden administration.

    Dodged that bullet.

  2. Out of all the Jan 6th protestors….
    Who stands out the most….????
    Shaman man and Ray Epps….
    Who got a pass….and you have to wonder….
    Why….a January 6th planner….got a pass….????

    “Fed”….it’s that razor thing.

  3. And he just happens have this interview the day before Tucker gets fired. Tucker who no doubt would have had some comments on this BS. No one believes them anyway, the responses to this interview on 60 minutes Twitter feed were priceless.

  4. He can hide all he wants. There were several FBI coconspirators involved with him. It’s only a matter of time before one of the FBI traitors turns on Ray Epps. And don’t worry, they’ll find him. Ray Epps is low hanging fruit. He’s the most expendable. Don’t be surprised if the FBI frames Ray Epps just before Ray Epps commits Arkancide.

  5. Any rational being should be asking WHY Ray Epps is free after so much evidence of his presence and actions and so many others who just happened to wander too close are in jail rotting away!


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