8-Year-Old Girl Hugging Police Officers Across the Country

Breitbart; Rosalyn Baldwin says “God decided” she should take up this unique mission.

“It’s a great feeling, knowing that someone that you don’t even know is reaching out to you and just bringing love to everything,” said Officer Ken Grubbs. Baldwin held his hand in prayer when she found out he had been shot in the line of duty. According to her mother, it was such shootings that first inspired this miniature crusade.

“Basically it was the shootings in Dallas that broke her heart,” Rosalyn’s mother Angie Baldwin told WKRC-TV in Cincinnati, where the little girl visited this week, during a service to honor fallen officers. “She said, ‘Momma, they’re killing our heroes.’ And then when it happened in Baton Rouge, it was very personal to her.” read more

5 Comments on 8-Year-Old Girl Hugging Police Officers Across the Country

  1. good girl–great parents for raising her to love with-out color..
    made my day…. 🙂 🙂

  2. Don’t know if there’s a father in the home but God blessed this little one with a wonderful mother, who cares enough to raise her child, against the odds, to judge others based on the content of their character.

    Pres Trump just wrapped a ceremony honoring fallen LEOs. It was so touching, he brought onto the stage, the fam of a NYPD officer ambushed while sitting in her patrol car last year. The 90 yo grandmother clung to Trump like he was her own son. He truly loves and respects our LEOs and they know it!

  3. Media – ” Please don’t show this, we can’t market it”

    Common Sense Person – “Show us more you will get more ratings…and advertisers”.

    Blue… and Little Black Girls Lives…MATTER.

    Someone twat this out…

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