THIS is CNN – The Ultimate Stormy Interview

This guy should do this to the entire channel. CNN’s ratings would go up.

Video HERE

ht/ c. steven tucker

11 Comments on THIS is CNN – The Ultimate Stormy Interview

  1. did anderson cooper get this interview assignment because he likes boys and that way no one can say there was a conflict of interests or get accused of looking at her bigun’s the whole interview?

  2. Bill Clinton’s funny looking nose is 40 + years of cocaine erosion.

    Wonder if Snortin’ Bill used the same underworld unlicensed plastic surgeon the Joker went to after Batman knocked him into that vat of chemicals?

  3. OH. MY. GOSH!!!!

    This dude has found his calling!

    This is truly a target-rich environment.

  4. I still can’t get my mind around a germ-a-phobe hitting that even with a condom, let alone without.


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