Flashback: Al Franken on John McCain— “I don’t buy the war-hero thing”

DC: Former Democratic Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota once questioned Sen. John McCain of Arizona’s status as a war hero in a 2000 interview, arguing that one cannot be a war hero if captured.

“I doubt I could cross the line and vote Republican. I have tremendous respect for McCain but I don’t buy the war-hero thing. Anybody can be captured. I thought the idea was to capture them. As far as I’m concerned, he sat out the war,” Franken told Salon.com in a 2000 interview.

McCain was captured by a group of North Vietnamese in 1967. He spent the next five and a half years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, where he was tortured, beaten to the point of losing consciousness and kept in solitary confinement for over three years. more

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  1. where to start…

    mccain crashing his jets make him a hero

    blowing up an aircraft carrier makes him a hero

    breaking his shoulders bailing out of his jet makes him a hero

    co-operating with his captors makes him a hero

    but most especially
    franken bad talking him makes him a hero

    where was franken during the war…milking his mommas tits or grabbing his nanny’s ?

  2. The Frankenshit fault line and the McCainshit fault line have collided and now we have a shitquake.

  3. “He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

    Seems to me this utterance was met with scorn and ridicule when then candidate Trump said it. Guess the media ‘forgot’ Franken’s comments.

    I loathe the media……

  4. Hard to tell who the biggest asshole is – McCain or Franken.
    I think I’ll vote for Franken this time since I certainly didn’t vote for him when that asshole ran for the Senate and got in by democrat cheating with votes from felons and hundreds of votes found in the trunk of a car… after the results were in.

  5. Franken, a limp wristed dweeb, loser, and girly man with no military experience. Not man enough to even talk to a recruiter. Knew he could never stand the rigors of Basic Training, knew all they guys would make fun of him for squatting to pee. Knew he would break down bawling the first time a DI screamed at him. Was probably concerned about getting a woody in the shower with all those naked men. Hollywood was his best choice. Too bad McCain didn’t follow him.

  6. “… beaten to the point of losing consciousness and kept in solitary confinement for over three years.”
    Says who?
    He looked pretty fit getting off that plane.
    His injuries were caused when he screwed the pooch bailing out.
    He had to bail out because he disobeyed orders and went in low and hot.
    Then he went native and sang for his dinner.
    Come on Cancer, I know you can do him in, take this bitter old man on his final journey to the lowest circle of Hell.

  7. Gee, I don’t remember McCain stabbing Sen. Franken in the back like he has Trump for basically the same comments. Why is it that the only fire that comes from Juan McCain is “friendly fire”?

  8. McCain/Kerry
    he·ro /ˈhirō/
    noun: hero; plural noun: heroes; noun: hero sandwich; plural noun: hero sandwiches
    A person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
    What would be the ingredients in a McCain/Kerry sandwich – wonder what is may taste like?
    On second thought, I’ll pass.
    Speaking of heros, Raoul Gustaf Wallenberg puts a better taste in this one’s mouth, thank you.
    (see – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raoul_Wallenberg)

  9. Being captured isn’t a disgrace.
    Co-operating with your capturers, IS!

    One does enough (I assume) to stay alive, not to gain advantages.

    izlamo delenda est …

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