82% of Americans Support Term Limits for Congress – IOTW Report

82% of Americans Support Term Limits for Congress

The Senate had a hearing on SJR1, Term Limits, on 6-18-19.

Ted Cruz’s opening remarks:

Nick Tomboulides, a term limits advocate, compares congress to root canals:

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  1. 82%……Are you not sure it might be more like 102%???

  2. Yea, so its 220% counting illegals, then what, who in congress will vote for it…times up…no one.

  3. This was the strongest, of many great items, in Newt’s CONTRACT that won the lower house for the GOP 25 years ago! but it was defeated by a liberal/progressive in the Senate BOB DOLE many times from ’95 to ’97. The UNIPARTY has been around for decades. Bush did not start it; he just made it stronger!

  4. Food for thought: California has term limits. It hasn’t worked so great here.

    I understand the very real and correct annoyance with bad legislators, however term limits is no guarantee to get better legislators. It will, however, guarantee bureaucratic control of the political system.

  5. Term limits are upheld at the ballot box. You can term limit any congress critter by voting them out. It’s the apathy of the voter that allows career politicians.

  6. Well said. Now, let’s withhold ALL tax monies until this passes. Con artists, psychopaths, & criminals are in control of our country & look what’s happening. No wonder they despise our president who is on our side.

  7. This is along the lines of saying 82% of sheep oppose wolves preying on sheep. Duh!

    You expect the wolves to ratify a rule that they won’t eat sheep? Then you’re dumber than you look.

  8. Rick, that is true. However, look at all of the Incumbent Protection Acts. Also notice how you get all of those “gee, aren’t wonderful?” mailers from your Representatives and Senators before elections, and those mailers paid for by franking privileges.

    I would guess that the problem in California is the Voter Fraud Industrial Complex.

    Cruz said the only group that does not support term limits is the group we expect to enact term limits. I am not holding my breath.

    Years ago, the voters in Washington State voted to enact term limits on the federal level for the state’s Representatives and Senators. People against it said that it would hurt the state because Representatives with seniority would have to leave, losing a powerful voice for the state.. The Speaker of the House at that time was Tom Foley from Spokane. He took it to court saying that states did not have the power to limit federal offices in that way. He won the court case.

    His actions did, however, piss off enough people in his district that he lost the next election. So while it can be done, it usually takes some egregious act for it to happen.

  9. DR RIFF

    The problem in Cal the last 30 years is that voters must vote either for a far left/Socialist progressif=ve GOP or a “Center left” Dem.

    we have not had a conservative on statewide election since Pete (who BTW crushed Brown 3:2)
    We have not had a choice only an echo since Pete!

    If the CAl GOP were not controlled by UNIPARTY leftists term limits would work AND WORK WELL!


    Non-D.C. politicians are the only ones to get rid of D.C. politicians and move up in the world.

  11. Both House and Senate three terms max; 1st terms 50%+1, second terms 55%, 3rd terms 60% of popular vote. Lifetime prohibition as lobbyists.

  12. Working for the goobermint is not a career. A stepping stone, maybe.

  13. This is a feel-good, but bad solution. Very much like the 17th amendment. What could be wrong with letting the people elect their senators? Well, now we know and can never fix it.

    We already have term limits….they are called elections.

  14. The final term of a term-limited politician will be all about lining his pockets and scoring points on his enemies. Like McCain and his thumbs down on obamacare.

  15. The way that scum is pushing us into bankruptcy and
    ruin if we do not force them to balance the budget
    America as we know it is history. Hell, I can hardly
    recognize the place after 20 years of invasion and
    deficit spending that would make Louis XIV blush
    with shame. (until he lost his head anyhow)


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