9/11 First Responders Have a Message For Ilhan and Pols Who Have Forgotten

 h/t honor the sacrifice

11 Comments on 9/11 First Responders Have a Message For Ilhan and Pols Who Have Forgotten

  1. …although I don’t believe for one minute that Ilhan or whatever her REAL name is, forgot ANYTHING.

    I believe that she’s like the Japanese side after Pearl Harbor, she 100% APPROVES of the attacks and doubtlessly privately lionizes the “some people” that “did something” even as she attempts to publically minimze them, like Muslims everywhere celebrated that day while WE mourned…


    …what “some people” are even DOING in a Government that their religion STATES is COMPLETELY incompatable with the Pedophile’s foul teachings is beyond ME, but I’m SURE it’s for no GOOD reason and shows, if nothing else, that TRULY we HAVE forgotten…


    Ilhan is antithetical in every way to America. She’s a walking insult to every one of those heroes just like Barry the Indonesian before her, as well as being REQUIRED to be an enemy of the very Government she CLAIMS to represent, she and her ilk, and should be regarded and treated as such…

  2. The lesson here is when we don’t all pull together to remember the tragedy, the victims and truth about the sick-twisted iSlamo-Nazis who caused it, pieces of radical crap like Omar will gladly crawl in and lie about it in some lame attempt to re-write history… Like CAIR was formed because they were worried that we would lose our civil liberties.
    Yeah right! Hand me the phone. I’m calling Bullshit!
    Unfortunately the Complicit, Bought & Paid for, Knee Pad Media in this country won’t do exposés on the stonings, knifings, murders and mutilations that go on everyday in the name of iSlam and the absolute insanity and cruelty of Sharia “law”!


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