9 year-old reminds math teacher that not everyone has 2 legs


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20 Comments on 9 year-old reminds math teacher that not everyone has 2 legs

  1. Let’s hope the math teacher had the presence of mind to make a class lesson out of that.

  2. So the insulted teacher promptly shot little Johnny in the head 19 times and was awarded the Congressional Medal Of Honor by President Obama.

  3. A nine year old wouldn’t know that unless someone in his family was a wounded warrior. I hope his family is doing well, it’s tough out there.

  4. A nine year old with critical thinking skills and a highly developed sense of empathy.

    Get him out of the public school NOW before they kill it!!!

  5. That is great Kid! I would give him a hug no matter what his grade was.

    To an earlier point, he most likely knows a wounded warrior.

  6. “Teacher”: Johnny, why did you write that on your answer?

    Johnny: Because my grandfather lost his right leg in battle.

    “Teacher”: Which battle was that?

    Johnny: Khe Sanh

    “Teacher”: But that was the Vietnam War!

    Johnny: Yes it was. My grandfather fought for the freedom of the people of South Vietnam. He’s my hero.

    “Teacher”: Well let me tell you about MY hero from the Vietnam War. Her name is Jane…

  7. That was ME as a kid!

    I was about the same age when, in Sunday school, we read the story of the man who donated his entire fortune of three coins to charity.

    “So did did he get on welafre after that?” I cheekily asked the teacher.

  8. Would be a minimum of 2 pprojects. Insufficient data. Maybe books 1-4 are for project A, 5-8 project B, and 3-6 for project C…..


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