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A Big Fat Shaming Video

Purported comedienne, Nicole Arbour, stirred the furies of the internet by posting a 6 minute routine on the need for Fat Shaming.

Nicole Arbour

It received millions of hits, but plenty of complaints, so many YouTube  pulled the video as well as her whole channel last week (both have since been restored.)

Is it mean and hurtful to make fun of fat people? Sure.

Is it fair to call out the obese for being dangerously overweight?



It became fair once everyone was required to buy health insurance that doesn’t exclude anyone.  So lose a few pounds obese people, we’re all counting on you.

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  1. Nicole has one of the ugliest, nastiest, most deformed navels I’ve ever had the disgusting experience of viewing. It must be a deep character flaw that not only prevents her from getting it fixed, but even flaunting it before innocent eyes.

  2. Nicole is not fucking fat, not fucking funny, not fucking smart, but she is fucking stupid. Just my opinion. And no, I’m not fucking fat.
    Six foot, 187 Lbs of pure……….well lead. WTF

  3. I’ve been 6’2″ 120lbs. Shamed to hell. If I got it, they can get it. I average 175 lbs these days, and figured out the secret to a healthy body: Eat when your body tells you to and what your body tells you. Not when some schedule or menu tells you. I imagine it’s the same situation but in reverse for the obese: When I was trying to force a schedule down my throat I lost weight. Start listening to my body and I’m right in the sweet spot for weight, doesn’t matter what anyone else says to me. Listen to YOUR body.

  4. everyone is a victim, everyone must be accommodated, no one can say anything about anyone as to not to hurt someone’s feelings………unless of course… you smoke.

    Those who bitch about her…. are more than likely fat, know someone in their family that is fat, has a spouse that is fat, a friend that is fat or a pet that is fat…so they all take offense and missed her point entirely!

    Fat people cost the health care system millions, employees must now accommodate employees of excessive weight, I fly a lot and it is most annoying flying next to a person that takes up twice the room when there is barely enough room for normal size people…same thing goes on the bus, and the list goes on…and unlike smokers don’t pay excessive taxes for their bad habit.

    This female ( I never heard of her before today) is vulgar, but I won’t say I disagree with her.Hell she probably has a video on smokers…who cares…and watch the videos of the fat people afterwards whining about her and how mean she is.

  5. Besides which…how is her video so different to the many comment made here over the years about people’s weight, looks, abilities, intelligence, etc? There is no insult that has not been flung here by someone about someone else or group….

  6. “Fat people cost the health care system millions” – two points:
    1) this is in fact an argument against nationalized health care or insurance & for individuals taking full responsibility for their actions – why should you be paying for my choices;
    2) the term “cost” is a pointless descriptor – health care is a business, the customer chooses what product they need and willingly pays the provider for such. This is a mutually agreed upon exchange of currency for goods & services.

    You talk about a legitimate contractual agreement between two consenting parties as if it were a bad thing.

    Watch some “fail videos” where people break their arms, legs, or even necks and while watching think to yourself “I’m paying their medical bills”. Here is a relatively minor video to get you started:

  7. Yeah well Menotu…. I live under a nationalized health care system and one that is now in the US thanks to your gracious leader…..so yeah right now in the REAL world, it COST us…tax payers, a lot….it ain’t no business…cause we don’t have no say in the matter or selection… and fat people don’t help. .43 cents of every dollar of our GDP goes to health care in one capacity or another… and it still fails miserably..why the fuck you think we pay so much for everything?

    And I don’t need to watch some condescending video to understand your fucking point…unlike half of your population, which your video proves…I’m not stupid.

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