A couple of bad trends in Mexico

American Thinker:

We try to stay in touch with Mexico.  This week, we saw a couple of articles that should worry the Mexican middle class.

First, Presidente López-Obrador is making investors a bit weary, according to Richard Castillo via Pulse News Mexico:

Fear does not ride on a burro; it flies at the speed of sound!

And spreading fear of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s (AMLO) economic policies seems to be the leading reason that Mexico’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has slumped markedly to the point of reaching a minimal growth of 0.1 percent for the next quarter of 2019.

Based on the article, it appears that some major corporations are having second thoughts about investing or following up with their promises to invest.

Why?  Can you say AMLO, or the initials for Mexico’s president? more

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  1. like Joe Biden said during his & Obama’s economic miracle of 1% growth (first time ever in the US)… “get used to it, it’s the new norm”

  2. His strings are pulled by the cartels so anything he does needs to be viewed through that lens.
    In this country our last administration was completely manipulated by the internationalists.

  3. ” Most Mexicans do whatever they can to keep their children out of public schools.”

    A shame most Americans don’t. Maybe the Mexicans are smarter than us.

  4. Who didn’t see this coming except for everyone in Mexico. And everyone NOT in Mexico.

    I recall predicting all of this at least six months in advance of AMLO’s election.

    Now they all flee to our border as “refugees” from the consequences of their own actions.

    They voted to surrender to the cartels and gave their version of Bernie Sanders the task of delivering the message.

  5. He’ll still get insanely rich no matter what happens to the peons! Let them eat veggie taco’s!

  6. School’s should be mandated to teach why socialistic principles do this every time.

    That’s why this keeps happening. The kids aren’t getting a proper education.

    Start there.

    We have to wrest control of the curriculum from the left all the way up through college.

    Fighting the stupidest people on earth, as “nice guys”, is frustrating. “Let `em die of their own stupidity” is just a breath away.


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