Michigan civil rights executive director thinks his daughter “looks hot”

Isn’t this one of things the left said disqualified Trump as president?

Detroit News-

Michigan Department of Civil Rights Executive Director Agustin Arbulu was standing outside a middle school when he allegedly made a series of comments to a male staffer that objectified women, including “check out her ass.”

Then Arbulu told an investigator looking into the remarks that his own adult daughter “looked hot.”

Documents obtained by The Detroit News through a public records request shed new light on accusations against Arbulu that prompted the Michigan Civil Rights Commission to reprimand the director for what had been undisclosed comments.

Communications analyst Todd Heywood alleged Arbulu said things such as “would you look at that woman” and “check out her ass.” When Heywood confronted him, Arbulu allegedly made additional comments about Heywood’s sexual orientation, saying he wouldn’t understand because he didn’t “like women.”

Asked if he has plans to resign, Arbulu said he is focused on continuing his work at the department and respects the decision by the Michigan Civil Rights Commission to reprimand him.

Arbulu urged the commission to take no action against him, denying claims he had created an offensive work environment. He earned $152,250 in 2015.

also: LansingCityPulse-

The Michigan Civil Rights Commission voted unanimously during a secret meeting to award the commission’s director a $24,740 bonus.

Agustin Arbulu, who is paid $152,250 a year, was given a 16.25 percent performance bonus on Sept. 18 in a closed door meeting that violated the Michigan Michigan Open Meetings Act. 


The left certainly takes care of their own, no?

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  1. Jez, is every DemonRat a perv? …. rhetorical question, sorry

    I mean, even his own daughter? … rhetorical question, sorry again
    (at least Bill Clinton didn’t have that problem)

  2. “Check his ties to clinton and epstein.”

    I’m checking out his tie, all right. Looks closer to Farrakhan to me.

  3. He has that snotty know it all look common to all leftists.
    The look that screams for a slap across the face.

  4. Why is there a “Michigan Department of Civil Rights Executive Director” in the first place?
    Who needs this clown?

    A fuckin pretend job for a pretend executive director.
    Just another way to throw money to supporters, sycophants, and lickspittles.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. I don’t have any daughters. But I worked with a guy who had three attractive daughters. Aged 17, 15, and 12. He never said they were hot, but clearly recognized they were saying he dreaded the next 12 years of sleepless nights.

    We suggested he make sure every prospective boyfriend understood they wouldn’t reach their 21st birthday if they tried to hit that. Generally its been my observation that dads who behaved badly themselves when young worried more than other dads about that sort of thing.


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