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A Fourth Package Bomb Exploded In Austin, Texas

fourth package bomb placed in Austin, Texas in the last three weeks went off Sunday, injuring two people in their 20s, according to interim Austin Police Chief Brian Manley. The incident adds another attack to a disturbing string of package bomb attacks that have brought terror to the city.

The Latest Bomb Was Seemingly Set Off Using A Trip Wire

Unlike previous incidents, Sunday’s bomb was reportedly left on the side of the road, rather than on a doorstep, and was seemingly set off after two young bikers triggered an explosion my touching a trip wire of some sort, according to The Washington Post.

They sustained serious, but not life-threatening, injuries.

Police say they believe Sunday’s bombing is connected to the three other bombings that have recently rocked Austin.

A Total Of Four Packages Have Exploded Across The City, Leaving Two Dead

Last Monday, 75-year-old Esperanza Herrera was seriously injured after picking up a package that was left outside her home, but addressed for somewhere else. Police Chief Brian Manley said “she was significantly injured[.]”

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  1. Did the packages have ‘assault rifles’ in them? Because that’s the only way to get wall to wall coverage for this on TV.

  2. From the WP link:
    “The first three explosions detonated in the eastern part of Austin, affecting areas where black and Hispanic residents live. Some in the area questioned whether the initial blast would have prompted more urgency had it gone off in a more affluent, predominantly white neighborhood.”

    Some in the area question? Who re those “some in the area”? Not the police, they’ve said nothing. Typical WP propaganda BS reporting. It must be a neocon, racist, white-supremest, NRA member!

  3. More than once I’ve heard liberals say, “The only thing wrong with Austin is that it’s in Texas”, but everyone else says, “The only thing wrong with Texas is that Austin is in it”.

  4. Austin may be the Liberal Mecca of Texas, but Houston, Dallas, and even San Antonio are trying hard to catch up. As I’ve mentioned before, Libs tend to go for the state capitals and larger cities first. Not as many social services outside urban areas, plus the people are less inclined to put up with their s***. If they ever get in control of State government, as they have in California, you’re basically screwed.


  5. Societal breakdown. This is what happens when children are taught that there is no God, no right or wrong and that we all evolved from primordial goo.

  6. On a serious note, indiscriminate bombing is indicative of:

    a) mental instability
    b) totalitarian rage against civil society
    c) socialist revolution
    d) izlamic expression of peace
    e) some combination of a), b), c), and d)

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. “It’s just IED practice runs for the Big Jihad.”

    The last two bomb were triggered with trip wires. In white neighborhoods this time. You might be more right than you know.

  8. “…two young bikers…”

    Tell me more.

    “…two people in their 20s,..”

    Okay, maybe a little more.

    “…two men while they were walking along the road…”

    What happened to the bicycles?

    What happened to journalism?

  9. It’s not a native born Texan.

    I’m thinking it’s a California leftist import, possible Muslim.

  10. @Bad_Brad: I’m always more right than I know. Trouble is, I don’t know it until it’s too late
    to do anybody any good.



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